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Enough is Enough: Yankees-Angels Gamer VII

Saunders-Pettitte as the Yankees look to clinch a playoff berth.

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Jeter and Teixeira with singles, Damon with a ground out, and A-Rod with the swinging K. First and second 2 out. There – all caught up (you on the action that is, not the Sox on the Yanks…).

Angels helped by Figgins’ great stop of what would have been an RBI double for Teix. Here’s Pettitte – let’s go shoulder…

Trying to watch the Fins on Monday Night and the Yankees on Gamecast. Going to lose both games. Fucking kill me now. I hate living.

Figgins nabbed by Molina making an OK throw and Jeter making a v good tag on the offline throw. Keep that running against Molina Soscia. And Abreu singles.

Game. We suck. Sweep in the ALDS against the Angels when we lose the division.
Lost 6 of 9 now. Team full of choke artists and losers. Dolphins too.

Pettitte just doesn’t look like he has it tonight.
Of course, no Yankee starter seems to have it in Anaheim.

Told you. 0-2. Fuck the Yankees. We are garbage. If only we could play the Royals in the playoffs we would have a chance of getting out of the 1st round…

Pettitte just doesn’t look like he has it tonight.
Of course, no Yankee starter seems to have it in Anaheim.
I think you mean anywhere Andrew, no Yankee starters seem to have it ANYWHERE…EVER.

Cano almost throws it away because he refuses to plant and throw no matter how much time he has to do so. Pettitte escapes with “only” 2 ERs. Sure hope this is not an indocation of what he (doesn’t) have tonight…

GIDP. Big surprise. I wonder how bad we are going to lose this one…not the Mariners tonight. A REAL team.

I think I remember 10 wins against playoff teams, kreug. May we add one to that amount in the postseason (which we can’t mathematically be bounced out of on the last day of the season, although who knows what will happen in Game 163), although they probably won’t get 11 postseason wins spread out over the next 15 years!

2 relatively quick outs for Andy.
How in the world did the Sox manage to let the Royals back into that game?

Molina pops out but at least made Saunders throw a bunch of pitches. About all we can expect from that side of the plate from him. Captain up.

Just for you kr: Yanks vs. contenders in ’09…
6-9 vs. Boston
5-1 vs. Detroit
3-4 vs. LAA
7-0 vs. MIN

ANOTHER 1-2-3 for Pettitte…nice. How about some FUCKING RUNS!!! So I don’t have to end it tonight…

You getting the credit for my work now Andrew? I think kr may be on beer #18, not #8…
2 lightning quick outs in the meat of the Yankee order. This is annoying.

SORRY IH!!! I am hammered and the Fins are driving in the 4th…SORRY BROTHER!!!! COME ON YANKEES AND FINS!!!

Swisher comes out of his shoes but somehow checks his swing. And then grounds out for A-N-O-T-H-E-R 1-2-3 inning.

23-20. Run the ball on 3rd and 6???? Manning has over 3.5 minutes and all his TO’s…we’re done. FUCK!!!!!

No problem at all kr – just messing with you. I’ll be please to have Boston blow such a large lead to such a bad team after the talk of a possible historic collapse buy the Yankees, but in the end, I really don’t care. The Yankees just need to get back to their winning ways regardless of whatever anyone else does.

Hunter K’s quick. Andy looking like a completely different pitcher from the guy who showed up in that first inning. This game is suddenly moving at lightning speed. Hello, Yankee bats? Anyone home?

We need #27 period IH. Everything else is details.
LET’S GO YANKEES!!!! I’ll be all in the thread as soon as the Fins blow this game…not sure you guys will want me but still! ;)

23-27. Scored a TD in 32 seconds. Why do all of my teams fucking suck? Am I that bad of a person to deserve this?

Ou are always welcome in the GTs kr…you practically own them!
Melky flies out. 2 outs one on. This offense is doing NOTHING!

Molina swung and missed that third strike by agt least 2 feet. Another scoreless inning in the books. More pressure on Andy’s shoulder. I sure hope the Yankees reward my staying up with SOME kind of showing tonight.

And the Sox lose to the Royals after leading them 6-0, dropping the Yankee divisional magic # to 8. Love it.
Meanwhile, if Damon had let Melky catch that ball instead of step in front of him, the runner does not get to 3rd. Regardless, Yanks down 3-0 now.

I told you kreug rooting for the Fins would end up in a win by Indy ;)
Try doing the negative reinforcement thing with all your teams, kreug, it seems to work.

K’s Abreu looking on a beautiful breaking ball. Top of the order coming up. Need to get something started.

The Dolphins are a fucking embarrassment, the Yankees will be as well when they lose in the first round per usual as well…i really have no idea why i fucking even watch sports.

Another leadoff single for the Yankees. They’ve done a lot of that but gone nowhere with it. Damon down 0-2. Come on guys…do something!!!

Fuck this…I’m not staying up to watch another of my shit teams lose. Fuck the Fins and the Yankees. Fucking losers.

And Abreu makes a running catch on the warning track for the first time in his career. And Teix promptly GIDPs. Glad we didn’t send Jeter at all this inning seeing as we haven’t gotten anyone off first all night.
I’m telling you, this would have felt very different if the Sox had been able to hold onto a 6-run lead. As it is, if the Yankees continues to stink tonight, the Sox still have to put Byrd up against Greinke tomorrow night.
Must keep it at 3 Andy…

A-Rod goes yard. I don’t recall the stats now, but I know he loves this stadium. And swisher quickly grounds out. 3-1 with one out.

Totally agree re: Pettitte’s health. And other than. Rough first inning, which is not so surprising after skipping a start, he has looked v good. I really think that barring * couple more very good starts by AJ that Andy is the #2 starter come October.
Jorge Ks on ball 4.

And right on cue Bruney gives up yet another dinger. He has gotten so bad. And the fireworks smoke engulfs the stadium. Lovely.
Hard hit lineout to left. The only Bruney outs are BABIP-luck outs.

Single for figgins. If you want any chance to come back Joe then take Bruney out right now. Not after another batter. NOW!!!!!!!

Is the crowd cheering for the Yanks? I know the Yanks are popular, but LAA is a #1 team!
That said, Matsui makes it a 2 run game.. if only Bruney..
Still though got to hit a little more..

Win or loss, AP looked good, stats line anyhow. That’s all that matters, though it’ll be nice if the bats get hot just in time for the playoffs..

YANKEES LOSE!!! THAAAAAAAAAAA YANKEES LOSE!!!! 6 of 9 and counting baby!!! #27 is a fucking pipedream with this bunch of fucking choke artists and losers!!!!

This team is fucking pathetic. Anyone that thinks we have the players to win it all is fucking kidding themselves. They have taken their foot off the gas, and we will pay for it. You can’t just turn it on once you turn it off. The team the started the season will be the team that finishes the season. Sox will ride off into the sunset with their 3rd championship while we will all be left to wonder what the fuck happened to our team. Our pitching staff is a fucking joke and out bats only click against garbage fucking teams. We are finished. Fuck you Yankees and all your fucking money. Hope it makes you happy while you are sitting at home, again, watching the Sox win another championship and making you even more a fucking joke you bunch of fucking losers.

I really love the post game comments though…they all blow a bunch of fucking smoke. What a bunch of pathetic fucking assholes. Gaudin tomorrow so that is another loss. Sox will win tomorrow so they’ll be 4 games back. Angels just gained another game too. It will be a fucking miracle if we hold on to the division. It’s all falling apart right in front of us. We are done. Finished. The season might as well be over because this pathetic group of overpaid, overpaid fucking choke artist losers has ZERO chance of winning a fucking thing this year.

Someone was a little drunk and pissed off last night, huh? Jeez… ;)
Lessons learned last night:
Krueg is too old to get hammered on a school night, being hungover at work is brutal. I’m not 24 anymore sadly.
The baseball season is WAY too long. The playoffs needed to start about 3 weeks ago when we were playing well.
The Fins suck again. Chad Pennington is worthless and I hate him as I did when he was a Jet. Our defense is pathetic. No secondary and our middle linebackers are a joke. Hopefully we lose the rest of our games and get a top 5 pick because we are no where near being relevant at this point. OK, no more football talk from me.
P.S. I’m not staying up to watch us lose again tonight, I need a break. Maybe I’ll watch us get swept by the Sox this weekend?

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