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Everything Is Broken: Sox-Yanks ALDS IV

Holy crap. I made a post for the first time in forever, the Yankees lost. I don’t make a post after making the last one, and the Yankees win. So, I don’t make another post, thinking I’m on to something about me not posting, and Boston scores a fajillion runs, as if they were playing a little league team. Elimination time for the Yankees, with Carston Charles Sabathia looking to hold the Red Sox to what, less than double digits? I ain’t superstitious, but Porcello is gonna cross that path.

Enjoy the game. Lineups after the fold.

Boston Red Sox
M. Betts RF
A. Benintendi LF
S. Pearce 1B
J.D. Martinez DH
X. Bogaerts SS
I. Kinsler 2B
E. Nunez 3B
J. Bradley Jr. CF
C. Vazquez C

R. Porcello P

New York Yankees
A. Hicks CF
A. Judge RF
D. Gregorius SS
G. Stanton DH
L. Voit 1B
N. Walker 3B
G. Sanchez C
G. Torres 2B
B. Gardner LF

C. Sabathia P

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Good season, YFs. I anticipate the Sox being throttled by Houston, but that idea is substantially less excruciating than last night’s Bottom 9 was for both sets of fans.

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