Excuses, Excuses: A-Rod’s Troubles Explained (Redux)

Just one year ago, the Yanks returned from Fenway after a humbling series, their prize acquisition having failed to live up to expectations. To make some sense of the situation, YF & SF offered this list of possible excuses for A-Rod’s troubles. Well, here we are again, and the Pinstripers’ prized third baseman once again finds himself the subject of scrutiny. What’s wrong with A-Rod? We offer this new set of explanations for his continued troubles:

-Too busy saving children to think about hitting
-Exhausted from working out so hard during off-season
-Big Unit blocks view of first base
-Worried he might accidentally brush up against Sheffield
-Pissed about over-rated MoMA renovation & $20 entry fee
-Fatigued by late-night demands of fatherhood
-All those Red Sox barbs hurt his feelings
-Constant subway delays make him late for infield practice
-In shock over Brad/Angelina revelations
-Outraged by death of NYT “Circuits” section
Still waiting for Time Warner Cable installation

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