Excuses, Excuses

The most ridiculous quote of the day comes from Scott Boras, Kevin Brown’s agent, attempting to spin his client’s self-abuse in the best possible way:

“Historically, injuries of this nature, in the heat of a performance situation, are part and parcel of a player’s intensity and have occurred in the scope and course of employment for many athletes,” said Brown’s agent, Scott Boras.

My guess is Boras is so shameless that in an arbitration hearing he’d try to use a moronic and thoughtless incident like this to prize money out of management. It might go something like this:

“My client, a notorious competitor, has such fire in his gut that, in a search for perfection, he will put his body on the line. There’s no bigger competitor, and nobody deserves more, than someone who has no fear, no worries about putting their own livelihood at risk, no matter the circumstances”.

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