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Ex-New Yorker: Sox Giants/Yanks Dodgers Left Coast Gamer

Double dip gamer because gerbil is tired of pretending he cares about soccer.  Boston's already pounced on the Giants while the Joes square off later tonight.  Comment away.

As much as I can't stand the little creep, I sincerely hope that Dustin Pedroia heals quickly and gets back in the game without delay.  Propers to him and what he brings to the table.  Now I must go shower because I feel dirty.

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tonites yanks game is a prime example of something i’ve always hated about how they score baseball. pettitte has two throwing errors in one inning. three runners have scored based off of his errors. all three runs should be earned when it’s the pitchers error.

We have really been playing like shit lately. The annual leading up to the all-star break swoon appears to be on again…
Time for some trades. Our bench is awful.

gotta admit i was feeling kinda lousy about last nite’s game until the improbable 9th inning comeback, and cano’s winner in the 10th…not sure why lonely didn’t come directly home to get granderson, but i’m glad he decided to take the so-called “sure” out at first…

We had a reminder last night of what I always thought was Joe Torre’s biggest weakness as a manager: handling the bullpen. Bringing in Broxton was the obvious move, but leaving him in for nearly 50 pitches after having thrown 20 the night before was clearly not a smart move. I had to laugh at the amount of pitches being fouled off.

The Rays are overrated. Been saying it as long as I’ve been posting here…Upton is a loafer and Eva had every right to say something to him. It will be fun watching them implode.

Exactly, K.
I’ve been saying all along – despite what that Idiot from Waltham suggested – after price and Garza, that pitching is supsect, and that bullpen will be fully exposed.
That being said, they are coming to Fenway to play the walking wounded, so they could right that ship quickly.
But yeah, they’re not that good.

You guys have still been playing well in spite of the injuries…I expect that trend to continue. ALCS showdown in October. Mark it down.

funny comment from my better half over the weekend RE: Pedroia’s foot – “at least Beltre didn’t do it this time” well, it was funny when she said it anyway.

Dusty – agree completely on Torre’s weakness in bullpen managmeent. They lost last night’s game the night before when Torre put in Broxton in the 8th inning with a FIVE RUN LEAD. 5 runs. In the 8th. Why? Because Jeter was coming up with two men on and 2 outs. Apparently Derek Jeter is so good he can hit a 5-run home run. And with only 2 men on at that. He then left Broxton in to pitch the 9th because the meat of the Yankee order was coming up. Dodgers won 9-4 but I honestly thought right then that he was screwing them for last night’s game, and sure enough, he did.
That said, those were some of the best ABs I’ve seen all year all up and down the Yankee line-up in the 9th. Posada, Granderson, and Curtis (?!?!) each had epic pressure-ABs and came through.
Yanks started out the seasonn with some serious injuries but the recent string of Sox bad luck has gotten ridiculous.

An IH spotting!
It’s interesting how the Sox/Yanks have battled injuries all season and are still playoff teams right now, whereas the Rays have been almost injury-free and are imploding. Can you imagine how good the Yankees (and, to a lesser degree, the Sox) without these major players missing time?

Hey krueg – thanks for the shout-out. No need to worry…have been overseas for 2+ weeks and will be gone through end of July, with the exception of a few days back in NY during which I’ll be catching Yanks-Rays at the Stadium (highlight of an otherwise painfully-intense summer!). Always keeping an eye on yfsf though…and hoping AJ remembers how to throw a ball again before you bump into him in a dark Memphis alley and do something terrible to him.

I’ll be in the Stadium on 7/16!!! You going to that one???
If AJ is pitching that day, I think I will just cry.
Glad all is well with you brother.

Agree on the injury observation Ath though it’s always tricky to consider the “just think how good they would be if” scenarios. Guys fill in and sometimes produce admirably (in the Yankee case, I’m not sure the Yankees would have been better off with Posada starting all those games he missed with a broken foot and other ailments – Cervelli was extremely effective at the plate even without Jorge’s power and better behind it) and when they do they also lay the groundwork for being more effective down the line (if called off the bench in a key situation in Sept or Oct). But yeah, if I had to choose between a hell of a lot of injuries to starters and none, I’d choose none. And the Yanks and Sox have both been in the hell-of-a-lot category this season.

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