Expanding the Roster


Our little community is about to get one Sox Fan larger. Many congratulations to Brad and his wife on the pending arrival of their daughter, due Aug. 1.

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Thanks, boys! I truly appreciate it from you guys. I know that most of us actually do not know each other, but for years and years we’ve all come here and spouted off one way or the other, and I consider you guys pretty good buddies, as weird as that may seem, so thank you.
PS. I’m terrified. :)

PS. I’m terrified. :)
that’s pretty normal buddy…i remember my first one [boy]…scared poopless, but it kind of comes naturally…you just know what to do…by the time we had our second child [girl], i was an old pro…sort of…girls are different than boys you know… ;) like you suggested, while we’ve never actually met, i think i know enough to say that i’ll bet you’ll be an awesome dad…

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