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Feeling Clinchy? Sox-Yanks Gamer

Game on. Comment away.

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Considering you will be facing Paul Byrd, and Varitek is starting… yes, I think you should be feeling clinchy.

That 2-0 called strike, gotta be kidding me.
Foul for 2-2.
Infield single off Pettitte, 1-0. Looks like he’s okay.

Insul to injury when A-Rod is unable to habdle the ricochet. Though if it doesn’t hit Pettitte that is likely a 2-rbi knock so as long as Pettitte is OK, we’ll take it.
And one more pitch ends it.
Attack the Byrd!!!!

Jeter has taken well to batting leadoff.
Don NOT sac bunt!!!! This is clearly a steal situation, not a waste-an-out situation. Please!

Jeter single to left, waiting for Byrd to get s-s-s-smashed this inning. Well, at least if (when) it happens there are other games with playoff implications to watch instead.

What the hell, Gardner sac’ing? I guess so, but I mean, Jeter could’ve stole second and sac him to third!
Odd, and against Byrd I rather him swinging anyhow..

I’m sorry but that’s unacceptable and absurd. Paul Byrd is pitching and gave up a leadoff single. Varitek has shown he can’t throw anyone out on a dry day. It is the first freaking inning. WHY not just steal. If you are feeling bunt-happy you could bunt him to 3rd after the steal. Just stupid. Really.

IH – ya, that one made me sad. Also, it’s the FIRST inning, with possibly their worst pitcher starting. Why would you give him an out? Grrrr.

That was a brutal stat on Varitek. 3rd worst BA in all the majors over the last 2 seasons? Yeesh.
Though it matters not as Pettitte gives up a looping single.
Challenge for the charging Twins today facing Greinke. Go Twinkies.

Elsbury couldn’t have placed that bunt better if he had rolled it with his hand. Time to rely on pettitte’s balky pickoff move.

Matsui: rocket foul. Ball 1 inside. Strike 2 nice pitch on outside corner. Ball 2 away. High pop-up to Tek.

Swisher: big swing, strike 1. Nice pitch away, strike 2. Ball 1, down and in. Middle-middle pitch on the ground to Pedroia, two down.

Not going to root for Twins or Tigers. Haha, it’s one of those be careful what you wish for, so I’m going to stay neutral..

Sox (white) tie it up vs. Det but Twins down 3 and facing greinke. Too bad.
And Cano with the 2-out single and hit # 200 on the season.

Home just in time to see Cano single, and to hear Phillips talking about how this Yankees infield is the greatest offensive infield in the history of the game.

You run Cano, who has mediocre speed, but not Jeter, who leads the team in steals.
And cano seemingly decides he’ll slide into 2nd about 2 feet from the bag. What the hell was that. Was it supposed to be a hit and run? A couple aggravating decisions and execution of plays here early by the yanks.

2 on no outs – look out.
I hear you on rooting for a hot team (MIN), but the yanks are undefeated against them this season and I’ll take that over Verlander/Jackson. Even if the Twins just keep it close enough to force Detroit to throw Verlander on the last weekend of the season it would help.

Wow is Joe Morgan really going to spend 5 minutes talking about how “pretty” that double play was by Cano? They had Lowell beat by 20 feet! It was pretty routine!

What the hell are these guys talking about. cano surely benefits from the neighborhood call regularly but that was not one of those occasions. His foot was on the bag!
And Drew does the backward K thing. Bases loaded with no outs – Yanks fortunate to get away with only 1 run.

Some really nice pitches to Drew in that AB. Man, big opportunities, but only 1 run each time. Just be ready for the inevitable Byrd-man blow-up.

That strike 3 to Drew was a gift. Close, but still a gift.
Also, I think that was the most gushing over and replays of a routine double play that I’ve ever seen.

Yeah IH, horrible commentary from both guys. It’s clear they lack anything of substance to say, so they make shitty baseball “small talk” instead.
Wow Melky crushed that.

Agreed on the love for the DP Ethan. For some reason Joe Morgan has been on a Robbie Cano lovetrain for a while now. He goes on at length about him every time ESPN carries the Yanks.
Jeter up, one out.

ESPN rightly exposing one of the most embarassing aspects of the new NYS. Answer for that one Lonn Trost.

Joe Morgan always has one player who he is madly in love with, and always manages to bring up in conversation. For about 10 years it was Gary Sheffield, and the torch was handed off to Cano back in 2006.
Example: a few weeks ago I was watching the Giants play somebody, and Lincecum was pitching. There was a single through the right side of the infield. Morgan then went on and on about how Freddy Sanchez is a good 2B, but that Cano would have “glided” to his left and gotten the ball. It’s as if Morgan only knows about 2 or 3 players in all of baseball.

Pettitte’s curve actually looking pretty good today. And he does indeed worj the 1-2-3. Heart of Yankee order coming up. Got to get to Byrd.

That’s funny Ath. Though for me, if we get through this broadcast without Morgan refereincing the Big Red Machine I will consider it a major stroke of good fortune and forgive the Cano-love.
Usain Bolt in the stands. Cool. That guy is a serious Man Among Boys in his particular sport.

Teix looks like he is a mili-second off from crushing one of those, but Byrd keeps him just off balance enough to ground out.

Byrd doing well as could be expected against this line-up. Yanks haven’t threatened much yet.
Fans react to a routine fly by Hideki as if it was hit into Monument Park.

I mistakenly thought Pedroia had crushed that.
Pettitte’s curve really looking good now. More fly-outs…one more and it’s 2 efficient innings for Pettitte.

Well, there’s a gift from the umpires. Terrible call. That’s the next area where replay will take effect, and the umpires have no one to blame but themselves.

Replay shows that Swish started to go before the ball was caught… but that his foot was still on the bag when it was caught. Easy to get fooled on that one based on Swish’s movement.

It was a wrong call, but it wasn’t horrible Andrew. It’s easy to see why he was called out based on how Swish moved so early.

Easy to get fooled, cool. You know what doesn’t get fooled? Computers.
What a terrible, awful, no-good very bad year for the umpires.

I’m not disagreeing that they should use replay for that, because I agree with you there. I’m just saying that it wasn’t a “terrible” call because of how deceptive it was.

Until they change the rules that you can’t even start MOVING until the ball is touched, it’s a terrible call, plain and simple. If umpires are completely unable to make that call accurately, it needs to be taken out of their hands.
More than one playoff game is going to be decided by an umpire’s blown call this year. Mark my words.

I love hearing the players swear when they ground out weakly. I wonder if the FCC will start to fine MLB for that?

Less time to comment now. Tight game, bad for the nerves, more than you expect from Byrd, but some un-breakthroughs for the Red Sox in this game. Drew singles with 2 out.

It was a pretty close call Andrew… his heel was off the base, but his toes were still barely on. Incorrect, but not worth throwing a hissy fit about.
Pettitte is really rolling… good thing we scored those runs early. Though Byrd will collapse any minute now.

Hopefully these last two games is just the Yankee offense getting its suck out, but it’s nice to see that even when they do suck, the pitching holds up against a very good offense.

The thing is, Ath, is that to call someone out on an appeal, you better be pretty certain he left early, because that changes the game a hundred times more than calling him safe. How anyone can be absolutely certain he left early is beyond me.

Andrew, I think (and I could be wrong), cursing in “live” sporting events is actually explicitly excluded in that. Could check on that one though, but ya, it does happen from time to time..

Matsui wins the Japanese face-off. Huge hit. Finally stringing some hits together. And Byrd gets the runs charged to him – Andy up for the win. But dampening the enthusiasm of every Yankee fan is the fact the Brian Bruney is warming.

Eh, Andrew, I think it’s actually *safe* to say, one game out of I don’t know, 20? total games will be decided by a blown call..
I mean, I don’t blame it on a human error, but it’s true, better technology is now available..
We’re making progress, at least, now with the HR challenges..

I’m just really frustrated by umpire miscues. I’m not going to call them out personally because I can imagine it’s a very, very difficult job and no one is going to be 100% perfect, but if that’s the case, and we have the technology, then there’s no reason to let them decide close calls on the field.

Jets win again. They actually for real?
Cano with a typical 45-minute at bat.
Clouds clearing here in NY. Clearly God is happier when the Yanks are winning.

6 outs from:
100 wins
Best record in baseball for the ’09 season
9-9 season record vs. Boston after going 0-8 to start
Homefield throughout the playoffs.
Come on Yanks…

What happened to the aggressiveness? Gardner could lead off the inning if Jeter gets CS. What is going on?

Detroit losing 8-2, but the Twins will have to come back against Soria, who is err pitching in the 8th inning.. as in, starting the 8th inning if Gameday is right. That’s odd.

I know Soria hasn’t pitched in awhile, but a 6 out save is still a bit much. Though I guess they’re really trying to get Greinke the win to booster his Cy Young prospects..

Are Sox fans still clamoring to dump Papelbon for Bard? Looks like the league has figured him out for now.

Kind of crummy way for Martinez’s hit streak to end, but I’m not saintly enough to really care. Stay focused and healthy Yanks!

11 out of Pettitte’s 14 seasons have ended in at least 14 wins. 12 have at least 13, and 13 have at least 12.

“What a terrible, awful, no-good very bad year for the umpires- AndrewYF | Sunday, September 27, 2009 at 03:40 PM”
Andrew, are you an Alexander fan? We have the movie- my son loves it.

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