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Feewing Sweepy: O’s-Yanks Gamer

The O’s have a flight to catch, so it’s early baseball this Wednesday as rookie Jason Berken faces A.J. Burnett. Comment away.

B. Roberts 2b .284
A. Jones cf .300
N. Markakis rf .296
A. Huff 1b .257
T. Wigginton 3b .261
L. Scott dh .289
G. Zaun c .253
F. Pie lf .234
R. Andino ss .228
J. Berken 6.44
NY Yankees
D. Jeter ss .319
J. Damon lf .278
M. Teixeira 1b .277
A. Rodriguez 3b .252
H. Matsui dh .264
J. Posada c .277
R. Cano 2b .308
N. Swisher rf .233
B. Gardner cf .277
A.J. Burnett 3.81

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My boss is in today from Minny so I’m not going to be able to bring my normal thoroughness to this gamer…bummer.
2 outs for AJ in the first with a K, Markakis on 1st…

Quick 1st for AJ…sweet.
He could be the difference this season for us. If he can pitch like he is capable, we should be in really good shape in the 2nd half of the season.

Berken is 1-7, 6.57 ERA. So pretty much the pressure is on the Yanks to end the game before it started..

Matsui into a fielder’s choice. Worked the count though. Posada will try to bring Teixiera in from 3rd, but now with two outs.

You do the play-by-play Lar, my boss is at lunch but when he gets back I’ll be out most of the time…
I’ll do the color for you!!! :)

Posada walks. Bases loaded, two outs for Cano, who has not been clutch lately, but did hit a HR yesterday..

(Best Color Commentary voice)
Well Lar, it’s really about time for Robinson Cano to step up in a big situation at some point. It would really build his confidence for the 2nd half of the season…

Cano literally swinging at every pitch, but comes through, kind of, with an infield single. 2-0 Yanks.

Well, as it stands, the Yanks have 75% chance of winning this one.
That’s right before Swisher dumps a single to center for two more runs. First and third, two outs, here’s Gardner as the Yanks batted around.

Berken, clearly with much less respect for Gardner, throws two strikes right down the middle, before getting Gardner to fly out. Three away, but the Yanks stakes AJ to a 4-0 lead.

Go Yanks indeed!
Fangraphs gives Yanks now 84% chance of winning.
Let’s go AJ, clean this out.

Luke Scott with a one out single. AJ looking pretty good so far – 13 pitches, 11 for strikes.
Well, grooved a fastball to Zaun, and somehow worked himself into trouble, as two men are on, with one out.

AJ had to work a bit that inning, but does get out of it after 24 pitches in 2.
1.5 innings gone, still 4-0 Yanks.

Stepped away for a sec, seems like AJ insists on making this hard as men on first and third nobody out.
Markakis flies out, and an alert Jones tags up to go to second. Second and third, one out and Huff the cleanup guy is up.

Huff strikes out and Wigginton with an opportunity to do some damage, now with two outs.

Wigginton swung at a high ball 4, a 97 heater. AJ worked out of that one again, 43 pitches through 3.

Out for lunch, but not before Posada smashed one to pad the lead just a little bit. 12th HR of the year for Posada and the score is 5-0.

Even you NYY fans have to agree that this game is rigged.
The O’s fail to score on Jesus’ arm, and then Swisher resurrects himself.
Next inning, they get another homer on 4 very short ABs total.
I say the game is past posted, and I expect to hear Ray Walston tell me to “place my money on Lucky Dan” any second now……:<)

Not rigged biz, just playing a sh-t team…plus we are starting to get the breaks now, as opposed to earlier in the season! (see the 8 games against the Sox)

OK, I can see that when you play the O’s you should get some breaks (hear that Smoltzie?).
But still……

Good God, there’s a game on! Woo-hoo, i love afternoon baseball, especially when i get to the game in the 4th and they’re up five runs!

I hear you Rob…
I usually just take half days and head home to watch the day games but my boss has really screwed that up for me today…oh well, I taped the game so I’ll watch the good innings when I get home…
Of course, he wants to go out for some beers after work so I may never get home!

Convince him to go out for beers right now. Call it a working late lunch then watch the game to 5pm.

AJ is getting himself in and out of trouble, but still pitching a (knock on wood) scoreless game.
Hopefully he’ll save the bullpen a little bit. Hell, maybe Bruney and/or the rookies will even get to pitch..

I wish bro…I need him to think I am busy all the time being that he is not physically here, you know?
I’m going to look VERY busy the next two days…

Berken is still in there. I guess he’s taking one for the team.
Actually, he only has 75 pitches, and that includes the few to Matsui, so the Yanks are hitting him hard, but earlier in the count.

Apparently Matsui and Posada heard me – 13 pitches in two outs, but here’s the free-swinging cano.

They finally broke through AJ, who with his 100th pitch, got Markakis on a sac fly. Two outs with runner on third.

Huff strikes out on a wild pitch, but goes to first. Adam Jones scores to make this a 5-2 game.
Wigginton does end the inning on the next pitch though. Still, an unnecessary run..

Well, Gardner at second with no outs. Though DJ just struck out, they still have two more chances to bring in an insurance run.

JD with a single, BG to 3rd. Teixeira with a chance to drive in another with one out.

Teixeira hits it hard, but lines into a double play. Kind of similar to the play Teixeira made yesterday. That blows.
End of 7, 5-2 Yanks.

Gardner with an infield single. Nobody scores, but here’s Jeter with the bases loaded, two outs.

Jeter strikes out on an pitch on the inside of the plate – that’s where they’ve been pitching him all series.
6-2 Yanks, top of the 9th, last chance for the O’s.

Jones and Markakis goes back to back. I know you don’t want to, but let’s go Mo.

There you go. Perhaps padding the stats a little bit, but if you watched Bruney you might’ve suggested it was necessary.
Bruney looked good too. But perhaps not..

I can’t wait to get back home tonight and listen to the crowd boo Bruney’s sorry-ass off of the mound!!! Don’t trip and break your leg Brian you f-cking loser!!!

And Mo has to come in and bail him out…what a douche. Cut his ass.
Yankees win again though! 1.5 game lead…Can the Rangers pull off the sweep and give us another game???

Twenty games over .500 with a week to go in July.
That’s remarkable in this division and with their early injuries. Girardi deserves a ton of credit – he had a horrid roster and they kept chugging.

Girardi did not have a horrid roster by any means of the imagination. In fact, he had a fantastic roster. Yes, he’s managed the injuries very well, and kept all his players including bullpen rested, but let’s not get carried away and try and say Girardi made gold out of poop.

Starting Molina/Cervelli + Ransom/Pena + Melky AND Gardner in the same games isn’t horrid? News to me.
I’d say he made a shit sandwich somewhat edible.

What was that, for like 2 or 3 games? And didn’t the Yankees go like 13-15 over that stretch?
Don’t get me wrong Girardi’s done a great job so far this season. No reliever has been overworked, and everyone has stayed healthy since the first two months of injuries. Whether that’s due to good fortune or not I don’t know, but I do know he’s doing a fine job of rotating in and out the veterans, and playing matchups even now with Hinske and Swisher. I would like to see Hinske play more often, the dude murders RHP.

Yanks up 2 games. I know I’m being whatever, but it has been at least two years..
Go Yanks!
Also, news of Lugo for Chris Duncan. Interesting.

Still in LA, where baseball talk is all about Manny’s GS today and the Dodgers’ ridiculous record. Couple comments after listening to local radio: Vin Scully’s voice = baseball. I love it. Also, I realize that I largely forgot Torre’s even-keel press conferences where he seems to be saying more than he really is because he says it pensively and seems to really mean it, even if what he says is as devoid of substance as a Girardi testy snip at a reporter. Man, Manny can do no wrong out here. I know how much many SFs wish nothing to do with the guy but they certainly could use that bat right now.
Keep building Yanks…

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