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Fenway!: Orioles-Sox Gamer I

It’s the home opener, and seeing green, green Fenway will do my eyes good. Wei-Yin Chen and the upstart Orioles killed the Sox last year (2.50 ERA in 3 starts vs. Sox for the former NPB twirler). The Red Sox are home for essentially the rest of April: 17 out of the next 20 (just a brief detour to Francleveland next week) and play 19 days in a row after an off-day tomorrow. Time to make some hay, plz.

Chen vs. Buchholz. Comment away!

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So the optimistic take is we win 14 of those 20 and will be 18-8 at the end of the month?

Nah, too crazy …

Stolen from the Globe blog:

RED SOX (4-2)
Ellsbury CF
Victorino RF
Pedroia 2B
Napoli 1B
Middlebrooks 3B
Nava LF
Gomes DH
Ross C
Iglesias SS
Pitching: RHP Clay Buchholz (1-0, 1.29)

McLouth LF
Machado 3B
Markakis RF
Jones CF
Davis 1B
Wieters C
Hardy SS
Flaherty 2B
Pearce DH
Pitching: LHP Wei-Yin Chen (0-0, 3.18)


A day off for the kid this soon? You’d think they want him in there for the home opener..

As the Sox celebrate their 60th year with the Jimmy Fund, here’s a nod to the old Boston Braves and owner Lou Perini, who adopted the Jimmy Fund as their official charity back in 1948.

JBJ has been struggling, and JF probably wanted to avoid the lefty-lefty matchup. But the switchy Nava isn’t a good right-handed hitter.

Solid move, except it doesn’t get any easier in the heart of this lineup. They’re talented.

Buchholz walks dude, then gets force at 2nd and DP on the next three pitches, leaving him at a reasonable 61 through 4.

Victorino caught stealing (happened Saturday, too). Then Pedroia walks. Hold yer fuckin’ horses Victorino/Farrell, ugh!

Napoli DP. Homers aside, a fairly brutal start to the season for him (came up big in Friday’s game in Toronto, though).

Buchholz at 90 pitches after 6. One more, and we’ll try to scrape you a win in the meantime, you lanky laptop thief, you.

Two hits on Saturday, two so far today. And a 13-0 game in-between. We need to distribute our hits and runs a little better.

108 pitches, runner at 2nd, 2 out…I might have preferred Uehara, but here we go, Clay.

Goes down swinging at a pitch off the plate, and Buchholz’s day is finished.

Buchholz has allowed 1 run in 14 innings. Lester has allowed 2 in 12. This is good shit.

If they traded “Sweet Caroline” for “TMOttBG”, I’d call that a win. Sox would probably have to throw in a STBNL.

2nd and 3rd, none out, come on! (Pedey single, Napoli double).

Middlebrooks: 2 strikes quickly, both fouls. Ball 1 a bit high. Foul. Foul. Ball.


I just want a groundball to the right side. It doesn’t seem like so much to ask.

Brad: “Centerfield” too good a song, trade is lopsided.

Good, patient hitting this inning.
Hadn’t had much luck against Chen. Then Pedey gets on. Then Napoli gets a double after falling behind 0-2 (Sox radio said Jones gave up on it, could have been caught.)
Nava (fourth RH homer of career), then homers on a 2-strike pitch.
These Sox persevere. Adds to their likeability factor.

Adds to their likeability factor.

^^this. I always love a feel good group of non-superstars that play for each other better than the 180M contract guy.

lefty v. lefty, as mentioned above. I think if the pitcher was RH, he probably goes with JBJ

And there’s Sweet Caroline. Bah.

Let’s make this a non-save situation.

“lefty v. lefty, as mentioned above. I think if the pitcher was RH, he probably goes with JBJ”

This is true and valid, but as Pete Abes pointed out in the pregame notes, Nava is .191 career batting RH.

A platter save for Hanrahan. Let’s hope he can get 3 outs before they can get 3 runs.

Having dudes in the pen who throw heat is pretty great.

Buuuuuut home run.

If this was 2012, the Orioles win this game on a walkoff.

That magic had to end sometime.

Matt Albers and Rich Hill are having a “Which former Red Sox pitcher will suck worse against the Yankees?” off. Rich Hill goes out front giving up a run and earning no outs in the process. Then he throws a wild pitch to allow another run in, sealing his “victory”.

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