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File Under: Headlines That Do Not Bring You Joy

The Daily News pens this depressing headline:

Derek Jeter's every hit as a Yankee has been seen and called by radio announcer John Sterling

For some reason I am reminded of another story of wasted opportunity or pined for alternative realities. My friend told me of the sad and strange life of the dog his family owned when he was a child. For her entire life, the dog was unusually sickly. She would cough and sneeze and walk around lethargically, sleeping most of her hours away. The vets could not figure out what the problem was. It is important to note that during this time, my friend's family also owned a cat who was quite the opposite in disposition. He jumped around, scratching up sofa pillows, having an altogether good time of it. Then later in both animals' lives, the cat passed away. Suddenly, the dog was lively. She ran and jumped at things for the first time ever. She showed excitement when family members would return home, a new development in everyone's lives. In short, she was alive for the first time in her life. It didn't take long for my friend's family and a wily vet to figure out what had been the problem all those years. The dog had been allergic to cats. Unfortunately, her "new" life lasted only two months and then she died of an old dog's disease.

And so, many better announcers live and now we have this headline. To think of what could have been!

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“And so, many better announcers live and now we have this headline. To think of what could have been!”
Yes, we need more articles about what the lovely Suzyn Waldman has witnessed throughout her illustrious career.

So if I’ve read this analogy correctly, John Sterling is an old dog, and Derek Jeter is allergic to cats.

My trick to listening to John Sterling is to simply imagine that he’s calling the game competently. His voice is perfect for the radio, and will always be, for me, the ‘voice of the Yankees’ on the radio. I will just gloss over the actual content of his voicework in my memory.
Suzyn Waldman is horrible, and brings nothing positive to the table.

sorry nick, but who cares?…ALL announcers suck…anybody who says, “wow, that one’s good”, is either a homer, or not really listening…i’ve never heard one i could stand…that’s one advantage to seeing games live…

There are plenty of announcers who are strong. Look at the above post for confirmation of that. Of course, Rizzutto was great, so is Scully and Harwell, the Mets team is strong, and a number of others.

“Suzyn Waldman is horrible, and brings nothing positive to the table.”
Besides her beauty, charm, and intelligence that any red-blooded man would fall head-over-heels for.

“…There are plenty of announcers who are strong….”
yep…thanks for setting me straight nick…my comment was [a lot] over the top…generally, i just don’t like the whole concept of listening to someone tell me what i can see for myself, especially if they are annoying, and don’t know a whole lot more than i do…mute is the greatest invention of all time…i use it liberally when fox has our games…
having said that, i agree with your comment that there are some good ones…
“…Of course, Rizzutto was great…”
funny to hear someone else [besides me] say that…i’ve always heard harsh criticism of him, even from yankee fans…not polished enough, too folksy, too much “holy cow” kind of stuff, too many anecdotes about his playing days, too much personal stuff, like what he and cora were up to, too much of a homer…i loved listening to him, especially with murcer, and i really miss those 2 in the booth…of course rizutto was a homer…every team-employed announcer is…as for the other stuff, he made the games fun for me…even the losing wasn’t as bad to watch with those guys cutting up and telling stories…
here’s a fun rizutto link from ‘baseball almanac’

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