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Finish Strong: Royals-Sox Gamer IV

The Red Sox haven't had the homestand we would have liked, now just 5-4 against the Mariners, Athletics and Royals. But they've pushed their division lead to two games and, regardless of what happens today, will be all alone at the top at the All-Star break. It doesn't mean anything, but it's nice, nonetheless.

Let's not rest on our laurels though. Winning three of four entering the break (and extending that lead to three games, perhaps) would be a nice piece of momentum, and they've got the right man on the mound to make that happen, with Josh Beckett set to pitch.

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So far, so good through 1, though the Sox could have done more damage there. Not a big fan of the Tek/Baldelli/Green/Bates lineup, either. Can’t really blame Francona — time for Theo to work some magic.

Not helpful when Baldelli tries to come home on a dribbler in front of the plate. Bring the runners home Pedey!

Royals playing like they can’t wait for the break. They’re never a patient team, but they’re really hacking.

Wow, Bay has been on base 4 times, but is 0 for 0 after 3 BB and 1 HBP. Funny.

Bases loaded, just one out in the 7th… Beckett needs a DP here, or some defenseless plaster water cooler is going to lose its life in the dugout at the end of this inning.

Hey, I guess I’m the reverse-jinxer today: A double play. Dugout water coolers breathe a sigh of relief.

plaster >>> plastic, obv.
At 83 pitches through eight, Bex is in line for a complete game shutout here, barring a 9th-inning meltdown (trying that reverse jinx again).

>>> Bay has been on base 4 times, but is 0 for 0 after 3 BB and 1 HBP.
… while Papi is 0 for 4 with 3Ks but has an RBI … At-bat #5 in progress now.

Beckett = superb, so far. Through 8, 83 pitches, 3 hits, 0 walks, 6 strikeouts. Just what the doctor ordered.

KC’s Joaquim Soria has a 1.57 ERA in 23 appearances, with 14 saves in 16 opportunities, including 30 Ks vs. 7 walks. Impressive line so far this year (his third).
But he just gave up a double to Ortiz…

Holy crap, Jason Bay HBP after a long AB. If things go as expected, he will have 0 ABs on the day, and 5 times on base.

RBal knocks in DOrt, 6-0 Sox.
And now Green appeared to get Bay home with a sac fly, but Baldelli didn’t slide and the run doesn’t count…
Re. Bay, I wonder what the single-game record is for reaching base without a hit?

Admittedly not an important run, but dammit, Baldelli has run into some weird outs on the year.

What’s more amazing: Bay getting on base 5 times without a hit — or the Sox’s collective failure to bring him around to score a single run?
The more I think about it, either way, the answer is: Varitek sucks.

Finished in style as he swings on a breaking ball. Most pitches Beckett had in an inning was 14 (he had 11 this inning, I think).
The post title proved apt.

11th win for Beckett: 7 Ks, 0 walks, 3 hits (2 singles 1 double), 94 pitches, just 29 batters due to the one DP, plus Devine’s inning pitch count stat above. Highly efficient outing.

Baltimore finished the Jays (who are growling less and less relevant by the day).
A’s looking to finish the Rays (1 down in the 9th with a 4 run lead and no one on).

What a kickass score to come home to. And Buchholz is pitching on Friday? Holy potatoes I’m excited.

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