Finishing the Puzzle

The Red Sox re-signed Bobby Kielty yesterday, adding another — potentially final — piece to the Red Sox’ 25-man roster.

Here’s what it will probably look like on Opening Day:


  • C: Varitek
  • 1B: Youkilis
  • 2B: Pedroia
  • SS: Lugo
  • 3B: Lowell
  • LF: Ramirez
  • CF: Ellsbury
  • RF: Drew
  • DH: Ortiz


  • C: Mirabelli
  • 1B: Casey
  • IF: Cora
  • OF: Crisp
  • OF: Kielty

Starting pitchers

  • Beckett
  • Matsuzaka
  • Schilling
  • Wakefield
  • Lester


  • CL: Papelbon
  • 8th: Okajima
  • 7th: Delcarmen
  • Mid: Aardsma
  • Mid: Timlin
  • Swing: Tavarez/Snyder
  • Lefty: Lopez

Do the Red Sox go with five outfielders and six relievers? That seems unlikely, but I could stand not seeing Javier Lopez as an option for Terry Francona. It looks like the Sox could solve some problems by trading Crisp and Tavarez for prospects as teams get desperate during spring training, thus leaving Snyder and Lopez as the final two.  Or, better yet, they could dump Lopez and finally give non-LOOGY lefties like  Craig Breslow or Bryan Corey a chance.

Not that it’s the most interesting positional battle, but what would you rather see coming out of spring training?

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  • Any payroll numbers yet?

    Lar February 6, 2008, 12:14 pm
  • If Crisp and Ellsbury are both on the team, has it been announced that Crisp is definitely the 4th outfielder?

    Nick-YF February 6, 2008, 12:17 pm
  • When I saw the Kielty news, my first thought was that a Coco trade was right behind it. I forget where I saw it, but I seem to remember Kielty saying after the season that he had no interest in being a 5th outfielder.
    I’m worried that having so many outfielders, plus Brandon Moss and Jon Van Every waiting in the wings for outfield insurance, that we have lost some leverage with Coco.

    LocklandSF February 6, 2008, 12:18 pm
  • No, the official word is that they will battle it out in spring training, but the Red Sox tend not to focus heavily on spring training results. Unless Ellsbury’s stock somehow tanks and Crisp looks like the next Mantle, it’s hard to imagine Crisp winning the starting job.

    Paul SF February 6, 2008, 12:19 pm
  • Nick, I think it’s Jacoby’s job to lose in Spring Training.
    I see a chance that Jacoby will really push to live up to the hype created from the end of last season and that could lead him to press a bit if he stumbles out of the gate.
    Fun fact, did any of you know that Jacoby is Mormon? I didn’t, just found that out.

    LocklandSF February 6, 2008, 12:20 pm
  • I would LOVE to see Crisp as a bench player–both for his defense and for his speed. It’s nice to know we have a Dave Roberts-type player that can steal a base late in a game if need be.
    However, I think he’s traded for sure. There are plenty of teams still in need of a Center Fielder.

    Atheose February 6, 2008, 12:36 pm
  • By the way, I’m extremely excited to see Delcarmen-Okajima-Papelbon heading up the top 3 spots in the bullpen. After last season’s clusterf@#k, it’s nice to feel somewhat confident going into spring training.

    Atheose February 6, 2008, 12:42 pm
  • “After last season’s clusterf@#k”
    Well, we did win the World Series and all.

    LocklandSF February 6, 2008, 12:54 pm
  • yeah sorry, meant to say “bullpen-clusterf@#k going into Spring Training.”

    Atheose February 6, 2008, 12:57 pm
  • I hear what you’re saying about trading Crisp and Tavarez potentially getting someone to overpay, but after a couple years ago, I’m sort of anti-trading-pitching right before spring training, you know?

    FenSheaParkway February 6, 2008, 1:46 pm
  • Did Clay Buccholz get traded when I wasn’t looking?
    Or is the thought that he’ll start the season in the minors?

    Hudson February 6, 2008, 1:52 pm
  • Buchholz will be in the minors, I think. Better there, where he can start and have his innings and pitch counts managed, than in some sort of weird starter/reliever hybrid with inconsistent usage.
    But I don’t think he’ll stay there.

    Paul SF February 6, 2008, 1:56 pm
  • Presumably at least one pitcher listed above will either get injured to implode (it always happens), so I can’t imagine Buccholz stays down long.
    But presumably the Sox ideally would prefer to bring him up for the role they envision him permanently filling, at the time they consider him ready (which might be now), rather than just whatever opens up.
    The my question is how the Sox really want to use him. I’d much rather try putting Clay out there than anyone else in the pen besides MDC/Oki/Paps, and he might theoretically prove more effective than Wakes or Lester as a starter this year.

    Hudson February 6, 2008, 2:03 pm
  • That’s what I love about prospects like Clay, he could be an ace, or he could flame out, or he could be a reliable middle rotation guy, you never know.
    How sick would it be if he developed in to a true ace though?
    Yeah, yeah, I know pipe dream.

    LocklandSF February 6, 2008, 4:30 pm
  • funny you should use the word “puzzle” to refer to the roster paul…did you consider “conundrum”?…

    dc February 6, 2008, 9:25 pm

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