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Well, OK, so they're technically tied, and they're even more technically percentage points behind the Yankees, but the Boston Red Sox awake this morning to find themselves zero games back in the AL East for the first time since April 6, 2010, just before they lost the second game of that season to fall to 1-1.

That's still cause for celebration in this fan's book. 

You know who else is celebrating? Carl Crawford, whose OPS jumped 103 points in two days. His OPS+, while still a ways away from respectability, is no longer competing with the likes of Mark Ellis for worst in the league; it's now competing with the likes of Derek Jeter and Nick Swisher for worst in the rivalry. Baby steps.

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Unless you mean they pulled into a tie or the lead for a portion of the day before falling back into second when the team they were chasing won a later game, the answer is no.
On June 18-19, the Sox finished in third, one game behind the Rays and Yankees. On June 20, the Sox finished tied for second, one game behind the Yankees. On June 29-30, the Sox finished the day in second place, one game behind the Yanks. The idle Sox fell to 1.5 games behind New York on July 1, then pulled to a half-game back on July 2 and finished the day July 3 the same way.
The Sox were promptly decimated by injuries and went 40-41 the rest of the season and never got that close to first place again.
The only day after April 6 when it was theoretically possible for the Sox to gain a half-game and thereby be tied for the AL East lead before Tampa or New York could finish their games was on July 3, the only day they entered less than one game back. They did win, but the Yankees and Rays both played earlier in the day and won their games. That would have been possible on July 4, as well, but the Sox lost that day, and the Rays and Yankees both won.

It’s also worth noting that the Sox were in first place last week for about 3 hours after the Rays lost a day game, and before the Sox lost their night game. That’s just nitpicking though.
Yankees and Sox fighting at the top of the standings. All is right in the world.

Isn’t this clip art a tad bit obnoxious? It’s like you cheer for the Royals or Pirates or something. Act like you’re been there before.
After all, with your off-season spending spree and the ensuing predictions, it will be a huge disappointment if the Sox don’t wind up in first.
So yay! The Sox are where they were supposed to be (last year too.) What’s the story? That their $170M payroll is playing up to expectations?

So antagonistic…and you have been for years, “James”…I dunno, does it sting a little that the Sox are awesome recently and your $200M+ (or whatever it is, I don’t actually, um, pay any attention to your team’s payroll) team has been a little wobbly recently? Jeez, man, it’s only a game/a website/an obnoxious piece of clip art. Get over it.

So “antagonism” meets with antagonism?
That wasn’t my point. I was traveling all week, and I come home to find a big ole #1 on this site?
The Sox were supposed to be good. Only people over dramatizing here thought differently. Acting like this is a big deal, even when at the time they were still in second place, is bit too much, thanks.

It’s the way of the site James. It’s always been Sox-centic, but obviously more so now that they are the favorites.
Just stick to the Yankee posts and ignore the rest.

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