First, an admission – I

First, an admission – I am biased. That Walker shot was a home run. Fox’s camera was ideally placed, and it was apparent that the fan reached out in front of the pole, touched it, and that the ball (and fan) still ended up getting pinched against the pole. The Fox “vilification” of the fan was more McCarver poking fun on the fact that the guy they asked “was it a home run” to was sitting behind the pole to the LEFT, so how would he have even known? My disappointment was that Buck and McCarver didn’t seem to take a stand that the ball was fair, that the call was correct. This one, and again, I am biased, didn’t seem like a confusing call to me, and I wonder what the hell the umpire was even looking at. I didn’t detect any latent anti-semitism (did they say his name? How did you know he was Jewish – was he wearing a yarmulke?), either, but maybe that’s because I was a bit giddy. Last night’s game wasn’t watched, I was instead giving a lecture out here, but it sounds like the Sox’ bats were highly un-clutch early, and that changed the game. Oh well, they got one, though, and really need Petey to come through tomorrow. It’s a stupid and maybe obvious comment, but tomorrow’s game is more important to the Sox than it is to the Yankees, rotations and all. I am not sure if I will be able to see it, unfortunately, since I may be somewhere on the Oregon coast.

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