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Flexibility: Sox-M’s Gamer

Boston wraps up their visit to Seattle today, with Tim Wakefield still seeking career victory number 200 and Kevin Youkilis doubtful due to a stiff back.  Some rookie named Charlie Furbush is pitching for the Mariners today, and CHB has a nice piece on Wily Mo, who is with the M's now.

The Yankees/Rays rained out, which is no doubt some sort of Joe Girardi conspiracy to keep Jorge Posada down after his bombastic batting performance yesterday.  One might take some sort of perverse pleasure in the fact that AJ doesn't get to pitch today as well.  Yes, one might indeed.

New York heads on the road for seven games starting tomorrow at KC and then to Minnesota, while Boston gets a day off tomorrow, only to start a brutal stretch of travel which sees three games in two days at Fenway vs. Tampa Bay and eight games on the road against KC and Texas, then back to Boston for three more games against Oakland with no break until a day off before facing the Bombers again at the end of the month.

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That’s too rash. This pitching staff isn’t awful. It’s just that the staff makes the games unwatchable 40% of the time, and I like watching 100% of the time.

Yes the pitching seems to suck balls now, but WTF happened to the offense???? Isn’t this the greatest offense since the ’27 Yankee’s?? The offense seems to be flat or tired or something. I read in the Globe that they were pissed after yesterday’s loss to King Felix and figured we’d see a 8-10 run 15 hit effort today. Gonzo has 1 (1!!!1111!!) HR since the break. The all seem to have great numbers, since the break, but timely hits are few and far in between. So when are the hitters going to break out and do something??!!??

I’ve never needed Paul so badly in my life…LOL…
Final game of the season and I’m tied with 2 other teams for 1st place in my keeper league…I need to choose between Ryan Vogelsong vs Astros or Latos vs Mets. I am sure there’s some kind of formula he can run that will tell me who I should start! Help me Paul!

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