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Flipping the Birds: Yanks-O’s Gamer I

The Yanks face off against the AL East juggernaut Baltimore Orioles on a gray and dreary night.  AJ Burnett gets another chance to prove that 2011 is not 2010.  To-date he has been solid if not spectacular, compiling a 2-0 record and 4.09 ERA with a meager 11.0 innings across those two games.  In defense of that IP stat, he was pulled early in his previous outing due to severe head-congestion (cue jokes about AJ's head being full.  Of anything.).  Opposing him will be Chris Tillman (0-0; 3.38) and Buck Showalter, who is certain to get a cold reception from the Yankee faithful after daring to impugn the Captain.  Hope they remember that Buck was a big part of building the last dynasty in the major leagues and give him his due as well. 

A win and the Yanks snag first place in the division.  A loss and they're a .500 team.  Line-ups after the bump - comment on all the action here.


Gardner (RF)

Jeter (SS)

Teixeira (1B)

A-Rod (3B)

Cano (2B)

Swisher (RF)

Posada (DH)

Granderson (CF)

Martin (C)

Burnett (2-0, 4.09)



Roberts (2B)

Markakis (RF)

Lee (1B)

Guerrero (DH)

Scott (LF)

Jones (CF)

Reynolds (3B)

Wieters (C)

Andino (SS)

Tillman (0-0, 3.38)

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Very good BABIP luck for Yanks – Lee hit a liner to the right side of the field with Roberts on 3rd and one out – Teix skies (which is to say he lifted off the ground a bit) and snagged it. 2 outs and Vlad up

K’s him. Nice AJ. His curve looks sharp and his change induced a couple swings and misses. Good to see him throwing it at all. Curious to see Jeter “jump out of the way” in the bottom half…

Typical Jeter opposite way hit. Sucks to have Gardner erased but I’m glad he is running aggressively. Teix up, trying to shed the Fenway funk – and JUST missed an RBI double down the line. Darn.

With 633 K’s since 2009 Mark Reynolds has more total K’s over 3 seasons than any batter in major league history!!
That is amazing.
And he doubles.

Martin barely kept that ball four from being a third wild pitch. Men on 1st and 3rd now, AJ at 50 pitches. The O’s have actually put some very very good ABs on him. Andino with his 0-for-7 season is up. Don’t walk this man you moron.

Teix with a nice play to end the inning…had to switch tvs and yanks are now up in the bottom of the 2nd with 2 outs, someone on 3rd, Jeter up. And Jeter hits it straight into the ground, gets a high enough bounce that he reaches first and Martin scores. And it’s raining…

A-Rod walks to load the bases, all with 2 outs. Cano up with his 6-for-8 history vs. Tillman. Kay also notes that Cano has more hits (65) over the past two seasons against the O’s than any player has against any team in the majors over that time…And it’s 2-0.

AJ, inefficiency in the first two innings aside, has looked pretty darn effective. His changeup could be a humongous weapon for him this year. If he really has incorporated a new pitch into his repertoire (and he keeps throwing it more than 10% of the time) he could be a very good pitcher. And then Larry Rothschild should have his number retired as the greatest pitching coach ever.
Not to get ahead of myself or anything.

Sweet – tks krueg. And here he goes again. A third Oriole gets to 2nd base and just as he did with the first two, AJ moves him to 3rd with a wild pitch. And then he gives up a 2-run HR to Wieters. 7-2 Yanks.

Another 2-run homer on AJ’s 111th pitch and now it’s 7-4 with one out in the 7th. Game is far from over. On the bright side: if they can keep the lead but not tack on Mariano can take another step toward the career saves lead :) I’m not going ot get on Burnett for this. He took a 7-0 lead into the 7th.

Mo’s velocity was 93 last week. It’s 88-89 on this cold night. Typically quick 2 outs. Love it. I honestly think there is no athlete I’ve ever loved this much. And I’m not afraid to admit it.

Chuck Norris fell into infinity in a battle of trying to kick his own ass auditioning for the role of playing Mariano Rivera in a movie about Mariano Rivera. Mo picked up the save, striking out Chuck Norris, Chuck Norris, and getting Chuck Norris to ground out weakly to second base with a broken bat.

Yes, IH, there is more to the “broken bat”…
I forgot to add that Chuck Norris grew that Ash tree from a sapling when he was three, having kicked a grown-man in the Ashole that worked as a logger for Weyerhaeuser that wanted to make that proud tree into a pulpy daily newsy that promotes soccer as a sport. Then he felled that tree with one strike from his own hand, and made it into what he named “Thunderbolt” with his burning laser blue eyes. Then he grounded out weakly, when facing Mo.

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