Flutterby: Jays-Sox Gamer

Wake hits the bump tonight, the MASH unit gets ready for another body. Comment about the action here.

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I left after seeing the Jays take a 1-0 leave, and come back and see that the Sox have hit two solo homers. I’ll take it!
Looking at the replay, Ellsbury’s swing looks really good. I hope this is the real Jacoby, and not just a fluke.

Darnell is such a bad hitter that I actually consider his most recent at bat a success: a strikeout after six pitches. At least he saw six! He is awful.

Deflating as a fan. The team goes up and the pitcher just coughs it right back up. Painful baseball continues. What a season.

Ath, McDonald is a horrible hitter. Truly horrible. It is amazing that they still play him. He is just a pitiful offensive player.

Bottom of the Sox order, plus Jake, put up four 2-out runs.
The lead is 6-3.
Romero again melting down vs. Red Sox.

Paraphrasing Pete Abe Tweet, ” Drew doubled off first on line drive. In his defense he is not on base often so he is not sure what to do” – classic

I’m predicting a big second half from both Pedoria and Youk this year, they have both looked like they are ready to breakout and get back to career numbers

Wow, went for a run and came back and we’re rocking. Wake ends up with a great outing. I love it.
Also, for anyone who is a runner, I highly recommend the RunKeeper iPhone app. Tracks where you run, distance, pace, etc.

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