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For The Tie: Twins-Yanks Gamer IV

Anthony Swarzak is on the mound for Minnesota, while Phil Hughes starts for the Yankees who hope to even this series with the TCTs before the weekend series against Boston. Comment away.

D. Span cf .340
J. Carroll ss .222
J. Mauer c .289
J. Willingham lf .356
J. Morneau dh .279
R. Doumit rf .219
D. Valencia 3b .237
C. Parmelee 1b .267
A. Casilla 2b .290
A. Swarzak 3.75
NY Yankees
D. Jeter ss .389
C. Granderson cf .208
A. Rodriguez 3b .222
R. Cano dh .260
M. Teixeira 1b .267
N. Swisher rf .250
R. Ibanez lf .258
R. Martin c .148
E. Nunez 2b .400
P. Hughes 9.00

26 replies on “For The Tie: Twins-Yanks Gamer IV”

Hughes is fucking terrible.
He’s ruined.
He’s done.
Stick a fork in him and send him on his way.
Take Freddy too.
We’re stuck with Hiroki for the year.

What the fuck is wrong with Cano.
I think he has hit into about 10 DPs already this year.
Too much pressure to carry the team since ARod is worthless and Tex hits .230?

Ima be late for the start of the game. Job interview, round 2 at 11 a.m, they so kindly informed me late yesterday, ugh. They BETTER give me the job now.
krueg, I’m sorry that sports will leave one of us unhappy today, but somehow I’m convinced this particular day will see both of us smiling anyway, haha.
This will be the first evening out on my own since the kid was born 18 months ago exactly (we’ve been out as a couple three times), going to a former co-worker’s party. Wife went wine-tasting with co-workers last weekend while I held down fort with boy, so seems fair I get to debauch in my own way this particular evening (hopefully he’ll stay asleep like he does 80% of the time anyway).

Do you mean late to WATCH the game, Devine, or do you actually have tickets? That would suck if it’s the latter. I was going to take off from work early to catch the beginning of the game but a coworker is out sick so I’m stuck here til 4:00.

Haha, definitely not going to the game in person, Ath. I’m a west-coaster these days. Would be pretty amazing to go the century celebration, but I think a lot of the pomp and circumstance is gonna be a bit much.
The Francona ovation is going to be amazing.

Ahhh that makes more sense, Devine. Hopefully the interview will be quick, or you get the job!
My commute is only 10 minutes, and I can listen on the radio at work, so I really shouldn’t be complaining. But it’s not as fun as watching on the couch with a beer.

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