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Four?: Angels-Sox Gamer III

Mike Scoscia has an enormous head. One which the Sox are happily occupying right now. Tonight, if the weather permits, they go for another win against the LAAAAAAAA of A, or whatever that team is called.

Chat about it here, if the game happens.

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Is it correct that the Sox have won 14 of their last 15 against LAA???? I’m too lazy to actually look this up now, but I believe that’s the stat I heard yesterday. Unbelievable.

I love the argument about what the manager means to the team. Scioscia has so much clout, and he is young enough to build a reputation that may rival the greats. So does Gardenhire and Manuel.
It’s Mack, McCarthy, and Stengel for me. But there’s room.

I find Scoscia’s manner offputting. I don’t see enough action game-to-game to know if he’s a good field manager or tactician, but he’s obviously had some success.
I find him annoying, in any case. But that may very well just be bias.

Tarp being rolled up.
Andrew … I think I probably hate the Montreal Canadiens more than any other sports organ-I-zation right now. Also up there would be the Miami Heat the Lakers and the Yankees. (Sometimes the Cubs are in there, too.)
Which one I dislike the most depends on which players and most irritating me and which fans are acting behaving the most jackassy at the time.
And I admit that I really only dislike the Yankees because I was raised a Red Sox fan. All of the other teams earned my disrespect the old-fashioned way.

My weathergeek radar has the rain finally moving off to the east. Once it stops, it doesn’t appear likely to restart.

Agreed on Scioscia. He’s overrated.

The radio guys said Scutaro ran through the stop sign. So maybe Bogar is not to blame for this one. Shitty loss, though, in a game that should have been won twice. And now the bullpen’s so messed up Lackey will have to go nine tomorrow. Today, actually.

I only heard it on the radio, but now Pete Abraham posts that Bogar waved Scutaro around first and then threw up the stop sign too late. So maybe it’s on Bogar after all, among others.

Glad I didn’t stay up to watch this game. From a player’s perspective, I bet it’s incredibly frustrating/disappointing to make a bottom-of-the-9th comeback, only to lose 4 innings later at 3am. What a waste.

I went to bed right after the game restarted, then my bladder forced me up around 230, so I checked to see what was going on, just in time to see Youk’s at-bat with one out and Scutaro on 1st. First, Orsillo blew the call off the bat, a huge sin, and then Scutaro somehow keeps jetting towards home with ONE FUCKING OUT, and is nailed. It was a great defensive play, but with one out WTF?
Once the inning ended and Matsuzaka came on there was nothing to feel good about since Gonzalez and Ortiz had been lifted earlier.

What do the players/managers/coaches do when they head home at 3:30am and have to be back at 11? Are there accomodations at the ballpark? If I were Francona I’d just sleep in the manager’s room.

“…What a waste. …”
yep…the bigger waste is when your starter puts up a solid outing, only to have it rain, knowing he won’t come back in, and leaving it all up to the bullpen…
i thought the sox had already won this one…sound was off on the tv where i was, but i thought espn flashed a score that i thought was final and had the sox ahead…glad they lost, but sorry guys…those kinds of games are a kick in the gut…

The Sox actually had this one quite lost, until Crawford and Ellsbury teamed up to tie it in the bottom of the ninth. Or they had it won had Tim Bogar not f*cked up.
Giveth, taketh away, all that. What can you do but just win the next game…

Andrew, I’ve heard of Francona sleeping in his office before. Last night is a perfect example of when that would be ideal.
Definitely DC, it’s a shame to see two amazing pitchers (Santana and Beckett) who brought their A-games, only to have the rain ruin it instead.

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