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Friday Night Blights: Rays-Yanks, Sox-M’s Gamer

C.C. has given up four through six, while David Price has given up just one run to the Yankees.  I shoulda stayed at work.  Later on tonight, Boston visits Seattle.  Comment away.

7 replies on “Friday Night Blights: Rays-Yanks, Sox-M’s Gamer”

Can’t see any of it, heard the first 3 HRs from Sterling.
What’s CCs problem?
Missing over the plate, low velocity or both?
Shoppach and Johnson have no business hitting him…..

We are terrible. Of course we get crushed at home by another decemt team. 2 horrible starts in a row for CC. We finished. Clearly.
Luckily I’m at the goo goo dolls show…drunk….so fuck the sorry yankees. Fucking losers.

CC giving up 5 homers? The last time he gave up more than 1 homerun in a game was August 28 of last year. The last time he gave up 3 was July 5, 2007. He’s never given up more than 3 in one game.
Also, he had only given up 8 all season before last night (he had a career-low 0.4 HR/9 rate).

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