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Friday Night Smash-Up: Oaktown-Sox, Yanks-O’s Gamer

Enjoy your Friday night baseball action and comment away here. Here’s hoping Irene turns out to sea.

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Comeback from 1-7 and then 0-6 back-to-back?
AJ loses again. It’s worth it if they pull him from the rotation. I mean, what more could he possibly do to prove how worthless he is???

It is incredible that they still run him out there every 5 days. I just cannot understand how this guys salary means we have to sacrifice every single game the guy starts.
It just makes no sense at all.

Just think, K.
AJ may have pissed you off (and you are right to be pissed), but he managed to remover the sting from seeing Bad Wake lose yet another one on his time warp journey to 200Ws.
Doesn’t that make you feel a little better?

Sure isn’t IH.
It amazes me that a team, the Yankees, that preaches winning Championships as the only goal continues to allow this guy to cost the team wins. We’re in a dogfight for the AL East and every 5 days we are guaranteed a loss.
I cannot fathom this. Money be damned. He has to go. Period.

Are these guys even interested in playing the second game?
I heard that there was a window until around 8PM before all hell breaks loose.
So why- Ells!
Last out of this stupid game.
Get it done

Welp, they made it through the top of the 5th with the Sox in the lead…this game is official (might even go the full 9!)…although the A’s could still tie or take the lead in the top half of an inning before a delay to draw this thing out.

Saved by precip banding…
Its official now……but they still have to win it.
3 runs doesn’t seem like much after that………event a couple of days ago in NY.

The rain delay 3 outs before it was official seems a bit silly, but I didn’t see the weather at the time, so maybe it was *that* bad, but unless there was lightning, I wonder why they didn’t just push through it. Still, they eventually gave up no runs, so it’s probably for the best.

Playing in this kind of weather is always shaky. How much would it suck to see a key player go down because of a stupid accident by trying to push through this weather, one month before the post season?
Since there is no new thread up for anything, I take the liberty of offering my quick comment of these prospective NYY/BOS matchups:
CC vs Lackey Wash – CC has been terrible (for CC) against the RS, but Lackey terrible? John has been trying to stop being Lackey-terrible, but will it work against the 3 Granny Lineup?
Hughes vs Beckett Some kind of RS advantage, depending on whether it is Good Hughes or Bad Hughes
AJ vs Miller or Lester Massive RS advantage either way. I’m sure that YFs will concur. Is Gerardi waving the white flag on the division?

Dunno about that, K, but CC and JL have eerily similar results for August – CC:34 IP, 20 ER, JL: 32 IP, 19 ER.
Shocking to me, I admit.
I always worry about Beckett, but he’s been OK mostly.
As for AJ – I really don’t know what the Y’s are thinking – hasn’t he made it plain enough yet that he intends to suck? Why not Noesi?
It would be like the RS VOLUNTARILY starting Wake against the Ys

It’s going to be a bloodbath this week.
The CC game might be close, like 6-4 Sox.
Hughes game? 10-0 Sox
AJ game? 24-3 Sox.
Season over.
Hell, we’ll be at least 3 games behind after we lose 3 of 4 to the lowly O’s, if not get swept. Then the Sox series puts us 5 games out.
Sweep in the first round in Texas.
Fuck this team.

A bit OTT, even for a reverse jinx rant, no?
Might get Good Hughes.
RS don’t seem to get to him as much as with CC.
They still have time to trot out Noesi instead of AJ,
Noesi has been relatively good against the Sox, seems to me.
We are lucking out missing Nova

Lost 4 of 5 to the mighty O’s and A’s!!!!
Shutout again!!!!
Good thing I didn’t watch the game, nor will I watch tonight.
FUCK THIS TEAM. I cannot stress this enough. Fuck them.

I have been puking up my emotional, immature stupidity on here for years. It’s like therapy.
I looked up Grand Guignol. Are you actually Dennis Miller ‘bize???

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