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Friends of Freddy: Yanks-Tigers Gamer III

Freddy Garcia needs at least a tad more run support than he has received so far, from his curiously absent offensive powerhouse that they put on display when he's not around.  He's on the mound tonight at Comerica, while the Yankees face Max Scherzer.

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31 replies on “Friends of Freddy: Yanks-Tigers Gamer III”

Don’t know how Freddy does it. Or, more importantly, for how much longer he can do it. But I love this guy right now.
Come on offense – something tells me we’ll need lots o’ runs tonight.

It looks like Freddie is done right about now IH…and with our offense STRUGGLING…this could be our losing streak now…
I am seriously amazed that we are 17-10 on May 4. We are usually about 5 games UNDER .500 at this point every year. We warm up with the weather…

Blows away Jeter. We’re fucked. Thinking about watching something else…I’ve seen this movie before. 2 game losing streak number two.

Game. Over.
I’m out. And I advise the rest of you to do something else tonight.
Call me when we actually care about winning again.

Freddy dances out of trouble, and is keeping the Yanks in the game, but the Yank hitters aren’t keeping themselves in the game..

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