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From Bad to Worse

Some guys have all the luck.

Others are named AJ Burnett.

While there are 98 career HBP-victims who may feel this is divine retribution, I do feel for the guy.

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As much as I hated the guy as a player, I hate to see this for him as a human being…
I really think he will do very well for the Pirates. Like their Ace well…
Get well soon AJ.

i was probably as critical of this guy as anyone else here, but i share your sentiments krueg…i hope he gets better soon and does well for the pirates

Never liked him, because he was so good in TOR.
Then as he panned out in ny, I loved his starts and implosions… good theater.
For that reason, I was sad to see him leave ny.
With this injury – no real opinion – Feel sorry for the PIT fans, they deserve a good pitcher.
If he didn’t have tattoos, maybe my opinion would change, but he still comes off as a punk (Kevin Brown, move over). The tattoos look silly in baseball.

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