From Behind the Arc: Sox-Braves Gamer III

Yesterday, the Red Sox won two in a row for the first time since two and a half weeks ago.  The last time the Sox won 3 in a row?  That would be Games 4, 5, and 6 of the World Series.  Before that?  A 3-game sweep of the Yankees at Fenway Park in mid-September.  That was also obviously the last time the Sox swept anyone (unless you count beating the Reds both times in a 2-game series, which I most certainly don’t).

To earn that first sweep and their first real win streak of the season, they’ll probably have to beat Gavin Floyd.  The Sox counter with Lackey who’s had three truly bad starts (6 runs given up against the Yanks, O’s, and Tigers) and seven excellent ones (2 runs or less).  Let’s hope we see one of the latter today.

EDIT: D’oh, I see this game is actually at Fenway, and is a split-venue, 4-game set.  Well, shoot, at least most of what I wrote still applies.

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