From our mole in Albany….

NYS Department of Labor: Form UI-23
Application for Unemployment Insurance

Name: Jose Contreras
D-O-B: 12/6/65
Age: “32”
Unemployed since: 4/23/04
Previous employer: John Henry
Job description: Double agent for Red Sox Nation
Previous salary: $9 million
Reason for termination: Mission accomplished
Willing to relocate to: Anywhere but Havana, the Bronx
Skills: Telegraphy
References: Larry Luchino, Elian Gonzalez

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  • Don’t get mad at Jose. It’s not his fault he is overpaid. He would be a great 2-inning reliever, just not an SP. The Yanks just need to throw down some cash to get one… or two.. or three.
    This was all part of Theo’s master plan– make it look like we wanted Jose when we just wanted Steinbrenner to pay way more than he’s worth for him.

    BuckyBleepinDent April 24, 2004, 2:10 am

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