From the “No Takers Dept”:

From the “No Takers Dept”: A disgruntled Yankee booster (The Boss himself?) has placed Jeff Weaver for auction on Ebay: (Thanks to Friend of YF-SF Dean Landsman for alerting us to this! You can view his own site at In a related story, Jesse Orosco will be featured on next week’s episode of “Antiques Roadshow.” Poor Weaver. He is a sad figure, though a familiar one. We’ve all known our Weavers: that one troubled kid from grade school or camp or little lea ge. That slighly dangerous kid, a loner, always on edge until the day of that final meltdown, watched by all the other children with a sick pleasure. You know the script: perceived injustice, rage, crying fit, trip to the principal’s office, and then gone. You always wondered what happened to that kid. There were rumors, of course–a “special” school; some kind of drug treatment. The one thing you never imagined was that fifteen years later he’d be wearing pinstripes and making $5 million a year.

Posted by YF on 8/17/2003 10:30:42 PM

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