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Game 162: Sox-O’s

It all comes down to this. Unless it doesn't.  ESPN has the Sox game.  Comment away.

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Bard is up.
The Sox might actually lose this game.
BTW, “beaning” denotes locality.
Reynolds got hit in the ribs, not the bean.
And now he hits another one.

Wow. Umps converse and get the call right. And the way Showalter sets himself up when he comes out to complain I immediately want to punch him in the face. But it’s his job to come out to complain, of course.

Well, the Braves’ collapse is complete. The Yankees are absolutely not obliged to take this game seriously and it is 100% on the Sox that they’re in this position, but it sure was impressive to see the Phillies play to win.

Wow, that was fast. Longoria ends the season…it was looking so bright for a second there.
I understand your joy, YFs. Please take it easy on us for 24 hours or so.
Surreal. Devastating.

I can’t believe it. My brothers were both at the game in Baltimore and swore the game would be called due to rain, so I went to bed with the Yanks up 7-0. This feels like a nightmare.

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