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This off-season, the Yankees brass have yet to sign any Once-In-A-Generation sluggers to Rodriguean money, and no Yankee batsman has been implemented in a Rodriguean PED scandal. No Yankee player has ended up exposed in a spread in the society pages. Since Freddy, no pitcher of significance have been signed by the Bombers, foreign or domestic. The Yankees aren’t mentioned anywhere on the front page of No trades have been offered to only be rejected by a power-mad commissioner. Okay, wrong sport, but what a sham of a racket the NBA has become.

Joe Girardi, a man who looks like he could bring some serious Sergeant Hulka rage to the party, has yet to say he hates anyone. Rather, he occupies his time by joining Robi Cano in helping with a food drive and when asked about the topic of expanded instant replay — which practically every sentient being in the universe supports — took the controversial position of, “I’m with you fellas.”

LouWhat passes for serious noise in the Yankees Universe is YES considering putting Lou in the broadcast booth. Count me as content for the peace and quiet. For now.

To be clear, I love this idea. I seriously can’t wait for someone to make a bone-headed suggestion and for his Sweetness to completely ridicule the notion.

What kind of baseball do you play?

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Lou is the reason I am a YF.
My mother was in love with him when she was younger. She then became a Yankee fan which in turn, made me one.
Once he left, she stopped rooting for the Yankees.
I will never abandon the Yankees.

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