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Game Day: Yanks-Sox Preview

Happy Fenway Centennial Day. Happy 420 Day, Fri-Day, Pay-Day and happy “Me and Doris Day” from the Urban Squirrels. Happy(?) Yankx/Sawx Day of 18, the first.

Bobby Valentine’s verbosity may be causing him unnecessary challenges, but those challenges are well-served burdens if it keeps people focused on him and not on the detriment caused by injuries to Sox speedster Ellsbury and closer Bailey, and erstwhile ace Josh Beckett allowing home runs at an impossible rate. Boston’s staff is allowing more than six runs per game. That can not possibly work out positively for anyone involved, except opponents. The offense is above league average, but that pitching…

Yankee speedster Gardner is down as well and the Yankees have been finding new ways to not hit with runners in scoring position every day, but Curtis Granderson decided to fix his timing with the help Kevin Long and catapulted into the HR lead. He’s got more dingers than all Cubs. Derek Jeter forgot that he’s overpaid and washed up. The Yankees relievers are doing remarkable work. That said, they have had to; only Nova and Sabathia have put together a decent start.

Chatter away on your game day action and preparations. Gamer to follow later on “no-better-day-to-knock-off-work-early Day”.

1/3 replica of Fenway.

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Pretty cool pre-game ceremony for Fenway 100, 212 former players/managers there. Tito got a huge standing ovation, Pedro, Mo Vaughn, and the usual (Rice, Evans, Yaz, Luis Tiant) also got big cheers.
Didn’t see Bobby V come out, MLB Network didn’t show it either. Actually only showed the tail end of Tito coming out.

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