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Games And Games And Games: O’s-Yanks ALDS Gamer IV

There are four games on tap today. Why, oh why, do I have to be at work and not in front of several giant televisions? The Giants are about to defeat the Reds and win their series, while St. Louis looks to put away the Nats. The deciding game in the incredibly tense Tigers-Oaktown playoff will be held at the Coliseum tonight. But best of all, Phil Hughes takes the mound at Yankee Stadium as the Bombers look to defeat Baltimore and move on to the ALCS on the day after an unique batting performance by Raul Ibanez.

What do you do for an encore? Just win, baby. Comment away.

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Can’t wait. Given the way the season has gone with Baltimore I will be surprised if this series ends short of a 5th game.

Of course, if the Yanks are to take the ALDS, doing it tonight would be hugely consequential in terms of CC”a availability to pitch at least twice and possibly 3 times in an ALCS.

But enough of that crazy talk. As ag says, just win…

I gotta jump on a train – taking my father-in-law to the game tonight. Will send more commentary from there…go Yanks!!!!!!

I didn’t think AJ was going to pitch well last year, and he did.

Why not? Hughes has had some good games, this is the biggest start of his career. If he chokes, get rid of his ass. I believe he is a free agent after the season.


For some reason I think ARod is going to have a big game.

NO IDEA why I think that…I just do.

Why not just bench Granderson for Gardner…he’s better defensively and there is no way he can be as horrible at the plate.

Granderson is just swinging at every pitch. He sees nothing. He is totally clueless and broken.

Automatic out everytime.

0-0 after 2…ZERO hits against all-world Joe Saunders. Ha.

3rd leadoff walk in 4 innings…

It’s really just a matter of time before Hughes gets lit up like a fucking Christmas tree.

Get Lowe up…

Losing this game would be a fucking disaster. Would have to burn CC to try and get to the ALCS…



Here’s comes 2-11, I mean Swisher…

Curtis Granderson. Useless right now. Just useless. I want Gardner in his place. Why not? At least he would have bunted well there.

Kurtis strikes again.

I just cannot understand why he is playing.

And then Nix hits one deep, caught, doubled up Muscle.

This game is over.

As if we were every really going to win this series anyway.

This roster needs major changes. MAJOR FUCKING CHANGES.

Those first two pitches to Tex were not even close to strikes…

Saunders is getting EVERY call…


Well Cano, this might be a good time to actually come through…you know, since you are SOOOOOOOO good and all.


You fucking suck ARod.

Have some fucking pride and retire. A walk and single is great if you are Jayson Nix, but not a $30 million “superstar”. Not.

I see the scoreboard but still can’t believe that Hughes only gave up 1 run after all that. Gotta hand it to him on a night where he really just didn’t have it.

Gotta had it to Hughes, he pitches better than I ever thought he would…gave us a chance to win.

Now if the bats would ever wake up. Going on 3 years now…COME ON!!!!

Just horrible calls by this umpire…and all of them are for Baltimore…

That was below his fucking knees.

Robertson was DOMINANT in that inning.

I would ask for some runs here, but Nix isn’t due up so…


First and third with no outs…

I hate Smoltz and Cal. Fucking O’s cheerleaders. You both suck and got your asses handed to you by the Yankees.


And here comes Swisher…1-for-33 career w/RISP.

I really hope Swisher ends up in Pitt with AJ next year…no pressure there you fucking loser.

I have seen this movie before. We lose tonight, then CC pitches a shit game and we lose tomorrow.

That was awesome. O’Day stays. Would love to finally get to this guy. He’s been crazy good this year.

If Martin reaches they must put in Gardner to bunt him over. Cannot leave anything to Curtis.

I have to get up at 4:30am to catch a flight…if this goes 15 innings or something I am going to be pissed.

Can’t wait to lavish a $100 million contract on 2-for-16, I mean Cano.

This is a joke but then again, it’s been three years of this so…

Joba sharp and has another inning in him. Then Lowe could go 3 at least if needed. Showalter’s got Strop who can give it up and Johnson who pitched last night. Come on A-Rod. Yet another shot at it…

This is ridiculous.

Thanks Yankees for making me stay up this late, you better fucking win.

Even though I know we’re going to lose and I’m going to get about 3 hours of sleep for no fucking reason…

ARod, Cano, Swisher, Granderson are embarrassments to the fucking uniform, their families, the country and the universe in general.

We need another inning Joba. Careful with Reynolds. This series has been unbelievably close and tense. My father in law is folowing on radio while we’re here and says tthey just refeerenced that with the exception of the 9th inning of game one, these teams have been tied or separated by a single run in every inning of the series.

And damn. Now leadoff man is on and Joba is hurt. Can’t tell what happened to him. Can someone watching TV explain??

Phelps. Wow. Big spot kid. No Lowe despite the runner on first and his GIDP-inducing capacity. OK. Saying prayers…

No problem. I need to shut down and get ready for bed IH…I really hope we win this for you brother.

Lowe does his job. It’s the 13th. A-Rod weears # 13. It’s karma. A-Rod with the walkoff….please….pretty please….

As expected…failure.

Groundhog Day. Game 5, home, CC on the mound, struggling lineup except Jeter…what’s the definition of insanity again???

PS WAY too early to be sitting in an airport.

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