Gee, let’s take a simple

Gee, let’s take a simple look at this: The Yankees were offered a double header, in Baltimore (where the fans bought the tickets) and first they reject it (within their right, no argument, but just a bit predictable), and then lie to the press about whether they had ever been asked about a doubleheader (what was their “legitimate reason” that you cite?). They vote to reject the doubleheader, and then bitch about the game being shifted to Friday (clearly a stupid idea, but tit for tat in my opinion), and then they wonder why oh why the Orioles can’t just play it in New York, on the road, and after the Yankees have likely clinched the division (and can therefore send out a bunch of scrubs and not screw up their rotation for the postseason). Sorry, YF, no good. The Yankees are the disingenuous ones here. The situation certainly could have been better handled, at least with regards to the Yankees honesty to the public and the press. The Orioles should have insisted that the game be played back in Baltimore at their convenience, and told the Yankees to go fuck themselves.

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