And Then George Yelled, “Fish On!”

“He’s on a big hook. He wanted sole authority. He got it. Now he’s got to deliver.”

– Steinbrenner on GM Brian Cashman.

In the AP article on, Steinbrenner also said that the return of Rocket will bring stability to the team, that he will likely get one more AAA start and then debut against Boston in Fenway, and offered, "I am happy he is coming back. I love him."

That’s sweet.  Some more Steinsense:

  • On Torre: "we are not considering a change."  And not considering making a ringing endorsement.
  • On Mattingly: "He is very thorough guy. He understands what it is to be a Yankee."  He also said that Donnie Baseball "could possibly" become manager someday, if he shaves those sideburns.
  • On Pettitte: ""We are happy he is back with us."  Why didn’t you pay the man last time round?
  • On Giambi: "He should have kept his mouth shut."  I bet he agrees.
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  • In hindsight, not having an oft-injured Pettittitteittee (the last year or two anyhow) on the team has been a blessing for him.

    Regular_Brad May 25, 2007, 4:53 pm
  • I find it laughable that Steinbrenner is threatening to fire Cashman. The poor man is a puppet! He’d probably be better off somewhere else, anyway.

    allonthefield May 25, 2007, 8:39 pm

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