Get On The Good Foot: Yanks-Royals Gamer

The Rays are idle while Boston lost earlier today in Canadia.  Papelbon said, “That metric system is a bitch.”

C.C. Sabathia is on the bump in KC, who are sending Bruce Chen.  It’s a good opportunity to create some space with four games on tap in the Show-Me state.  Comment away.

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This has been a few days of really thrilling baseball. Virtually every game the Yanks have played has been decided by one run – and thankfully in the most recent games they seem to have figured out how to score without relying solely on the home run. These games – plus the nail-biters that the Rays and Sox are also playing – highlight how much the bar has been raised across the AL and especially the AL East. The Blue Jays and even Orioles are both tough teams to beat right now as are the Rangers, Twins, and White Sox. I love this time of year. And as I type this the second rain delay in KC is finally over. The announcers must despise these 3-hours delays…

“…everyone and their mothers can run on Jorge Posada…”
yep…add this to the growing list of concerns about the yankees…

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