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Those of us who were lucky enough to grow up visiting Fenway know of the field’s place as a Boston landmark, but now the Red Sox are trying to make it official.  As that linked article states, there are many complex issues at hand in applying for and attaining this status, and these go far beyond the superficial symbolism of being lauded as a "landmark".  The designation of such status is no simple architectural beauty contest, and it is also not simply an award for lifelong historic achievement, but rather a determination with significant and mostly positive economic ramifications for the team’s ownership.  That being the case, it is quite possible (and also reasonable) to think cynically of this application as a tool for the profit of a private entity, and not an acknowledgment of the importance of this place to the City of Boston or it’s denizens.  On the other hand, my experience of growing up sitting on the first base line of this glorious bandbox tells me that affording Fenway this status is nothing but good common sense.

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  • unrelated question. getting off amtrak from nyc and hitting the game next thursday. bringing the lady along. now, we’re gonna have bags. what’s their cutoff on size bag/backpack to bring in to the park? never been to the fens with luggage before… storage lockers around anywhere?

    t-SF August 25, 2005, 11:30 am

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