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Getaway Gamer: Jays-Yanks

An early game sees Ivan Nova facing the Jays, who send Jesse Litsch. The Yankees are heading for Detroit tomorrow for four games and on to the very tough Texas Rangers immediately thereafter for three more. In the mean time, here’s a place to comment on your Sunday Yankees action.

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I would love to see Ivan the Terrible get through 6 innings again…a couple runs are fine, but keep us in the game!
PS I quit smoking yesterday so wish me luck. I’ve had a tough time kicking it the last couple years but at age 36, it’s time. Enough dicking around.

1-2-3 inning for Nova including a sick running catch by Curtis to rob Jose of a double!!!
Time for the offense to come alive like Peter Frampton.

krueg, I wish you all the luck and all the resolve in your quitting the smokes. It was really tough for me. On three occasions I had quit for years, only to pick it up again. I’ve been off the nails for some time now and for the first time of the times I quit, I don’t miss it. I really enjoyed smoking, but I just had to let go of it. Drop me a line or give me a call if you need some commiseration. One thing that I really liked as an outcome: I am able to discern flavors in my foods far better and I don’t need nearly as much salt, which is good, because I really like to eat/cook. I’ll always miss a good smoke. I still dream about having “un-quit”, and wake up thinking, wait, did I actually have a smoke last night when out with my mates?

It is tough AG. Especially when you are having a beer watching the Yankees or out with friends. I just need to stop. I’m a big guy but relatively healthy otherwise so smoking is just stupid.
But man, do I love it. Sigh.

I use the patch, it’s worked in the past. The longest I have quit for is 6 months, and I did that twice. Only to be tripped up by the Yankees ’09 run to glory and a Goo Goo Dolls concert last year…
Nova is starting to struggle now…HR, walk, out, blooper…
1st and 2nd, 1 out…

I don’t think Nova looks bad so far. That home run had just enough help from the wind to get over. Bloop hit was…bloopy. He’s nibbling right now and not getting many favors. I’d say I’d like to see him be more aggressive, but I don’t think he has the stuff for it.

Three guys have struck out in about that same spot. Umps being consistent at least. Our guys have to make the adjustment…
Swish lines out to the pitcher. I think the shortstop would have had that one anyway.

So Ivan has been getting the same call? I haven’t seen that…maybe he has. I’ll be watching now.
Ginger balls is making us look silly so far…not cool.

Ivan’s been missing high on that side of the plate, Litsch has been getting that call when it’s been lower.
Ivan’s going 3 and 0 to the leadoff man…

If you don’t wanna cry, then don’t look at the analysis of Jeter over at It’s All About the Money. It’s still early, though, krueg. It would only take a couple good games in a row to make Jeter’s season average.
Good god, Nova. You’re not gonna get any help from the umps when you miss the zone badly all the time.

Yeah, I’m trying to stay positive for Jeter and Posada…it is early. They can turn it around and we’re still winning so…
It’s just getting to the end of the road for all these guys and it’s sad.
Nova is all over the place now.

He finally did just get that call, but on the other side of the plate. MMM nice strikeout.
He was scaring me earlier with all those pitches up in the zone. I hope he doesn’t miss up here to Bautista.

You don’t need range when they hit it where you moved to…because you are a crafty veteran that knows the hitters in your league…and you are a first ballot HOF’er…

He’s been pretty good today, but Cervelli was tied for being the worst defensive catcher in the league last year. He was even worse than Posada.
I was impressed by Gustavo Molina last week.

EVERYONE knows that one…hehe, even the haters on the other thread!!! ;)
Nova is keeping us in the game. At what point do we start to hammer this dude?

Thanks, Krueg. Stay away from the nails, brother.
I love that we have catchers that sound like an action/romance novel set in the Mediterranean. Jorge Posada, Fransico Cervelli, Gustavo Molina. It’s god-damned poetry to say names like that.
Oh, and I like Russ Martin just fine, but no one is going to put that name into a novel that will get you laid.

Yeah, I love it here. I wonder if all the anti-smoking laws here makes quitting smoking easier or if smokers just keep it it to spite people.
Allright…I’m gonna go look up how we rate in the GIDP department. Fucking hell…

“…if smokers just keep it it to spite people.”
It’s a physical addiction man. If it were easy to quit, I think most would because we are all smart enough to know it’s bad news.

Yanks are fourth in MLB (actually second when you add in the two so far today) in GDPs with 33. St Louis has us “beat” with 36.
It seems like every single double play has trampled a rally.

The wife and I were SCREAMING at Hip Hip to stay at first…whew…he made it.
There is a Santa Claus Virginia…there is a santa claus…
…and his illegitimate love baby with the grinch is on the mound for the Jays…

I actually looked up Acela because we may be moving to MD and we could take the train to the city to see my mother and the Yankees…seems pretty sweet! Not much cheaper than flying though…
I wonder if IH or anyone has ever ridden?

We’re having a good season, and a great one if you consider what we were all expecting (from Martin and the rotation especially). There’s plenty to be happy about with this team.
Single for Gardner! He’s hitting well lately. Glad to see my hometown boy turning it around.

Yeah, I’m thankful I’m listening to TBS crew. Boomer and company are among my favorites. Not that they are great analysts, but they aren’t annoying. And they talk about baseball, unlike some douchebags for FOX.

Hey fellas – just logged in from Cairo to hear Granderson hit the 3-run dinger – woo-hoo!!!
I have ridden the Acela more times than I’d like to recall. I mainly take it to and from NY-DC. I like it. It gets wireless (though streaming content not allowed; it doesn’t involve the pain the butt security that flying does, and it takes you from and into the middle of the cities unlike the airports. If I were going to NY form Baltimore, I’d take Amtrak for sure. It is more expensive than than the regular Amtrak train and does not save you all that much time however, so if you don’t care about wireless service and don’t want to pay a premium to arrive 20-30 minutes earlier, you can also just take the Amtrak Regional train. More importantly, if you come to NY for a game let me know — we gotta catch one!

I knew you had been on the train IH…you are an international man of mystery. :)
We are looking at Frederick, MD so there will be many trips to NYC for games!!!

When you thinking of moving Krueg??
Seems like Nova has done a fine job today. He has frankly done better this year than I expected ,notwithstanding a few very short starts. Yanks have to be pleased with the performances of Nova/Garcia/Colon and even Burnett. Of course CC is CC. Which is great…

We have a little over a year I hope…we wife is trying to finish her PHD and once she’s done, we’re looking at Frederick, DC-area or NYC!!!!
Anywhere but Memphis at this point, as long as it’s North of the Mason-Dixon.

Right on, IH. What’s more is that even when the starters have struggled, they’ve done well to limit the damage. Hughes is the exception, but he seems to have an excuse.

Nova has looked good. He has the swagger that I always though Phil was lacking…confidence is HUGE! He might not be the next CC or anything, but he could turn out to be a very good pitcher…
6 strong innings, 86 pitches…looks like it could be his second straight start into the 7th!

Hey Krueg – just signed on and was checking the comments. Have you tried cigars? You don’t have to inhale and there’s nothing like a good Havana! (Former Lucky smoker.)

Michael Kay: “You would have been nicer to the media,” talking about Paul O’Neill making his “natural” transition to broadcasting.

I’ve thought about that alex, I’m just not sure it wouldn’t make me want the real thing…hell, i’ve stopped rolling certain things for the same reason. ;)

I just found out TBS was broadcasting the game -all right! (Don’t get to see the Yanks much in R.I. – unless they’re playing you-know-who.)

I prefer a pipe over cigar (cheaper). That’s what I used to smoke. Even had a patched smoking jacket. It probably wasn’t as cool as I thought it was, but man it was good. My girlfriend back then used to love to just hang around because it smelled so good.
I only quit because cancer runs in my family (both parents and two grandparents) and I don’t want to help the odds of it getting me.

My grandfather smoked a pipe and it did smell awesome…I have several pipes, but there is a decidedly different aroma coming from those…
I just need to stop. It’s the right thing to do. Period.

Good decision, krueg. My only vices nowaday are a good quality beer and some Maker’s Mark.
Speaking of a good quality beer, it’s a good time for one now.

Allright, Robertson. Have a better outing than last time. Much better.
Davis is gonna be a problem on the bases. Cerveilli is no good at stopping runners.
And he steals as I type. I doubt they’ll risk him trying to take 3rd.

Yeah the MARC does but I’d probably catch it to Baltimore if heading north to NY anyway, rather than going south to DC… When I lived in DC I used to go to Bowie Baysox games in Bowie, MD (Baltimore’s AA team) – pretty close to Frederick I think and minor league games are a blast. And Camden Yards is beautiful if you haven’t had a chance to catch a game there yet.

Yeah, I have to get a feel for the area if we end up there but the great thing about Frederick is the central location…not too far to drive home to Buffalo either. I think Frederick has a minor league team too? But we would go to many Yankee games in Baltimore. I mapped it the other day and it’s about an hour minus traffic…

While I would have prefered Robertson, I do not question Girardi on bullpen management. He has a great touch with building up the confidence of a good diversity of pitchers which seems to pay off every year down the stretch…

I don’t know Dusty – maybe AlexDYF can tell us – if he’s in RI he probably gets NESN…I assume Tito has build himself to be pretty bullet-proof by now. Maybe if the Sox are still playing like this come July. It is hard to believe that degree of underperfomance for this long. But again, they are down by 5 games and it’s only May 1. If the Yanks could have done what Cleveland is doing to Minnesota (another team I feel is underperforming) I’d feel a lot better, but 5 game spreads this early in the season are just not that difficult to surmount.

I have been debating doing a post on Jeter. I frankly don’t want to invite the pile-on. And part of me is still hoping he will turn this all around. But it’s just getting hard. I honestly can’t recall the last well-struck line-drive I’ve seen off his bat.

Jeter gets on base by a HBP and now by pure hussle on a wild-pitch-stikeout. Jeez. Having said that, I bet you 99% of the players in this league don’t beat it out, even those that are faster than Jeter.

There is some sign of hope. Jeter isn’t striking out much (only 9 so far. 10 with the one we just saw). So he’s making contact, just not solid contact. Maybe he needs to sit for a few games and work on mechanics. It worked for Grandy last year.

I haven’t heard anything about Francona’s status, at least not yet. Although, I have to echo Krueg’s comment . . . who gives a sh–

Oh, and unbelievable amounts of thunder and lightning…it looks like the worst of it is going to be North of us…which also means my satellite should be good!

I was in 7 hurricanes between college in Wilmington and living in Tampa…i prefer hurricanes to tornados. You have ample warning and usually, unless you live close to the coast, you are in good shape…

From Sterling’s call – which is like saying “from the sound of my last fart” in terms of both relevance and pleasantness – Soriano lucked out on that first out.

I don’t know what happened to my comment about Francona but I don’t see it above – anyway I haven’t heard anything about his status.

Yeah, Hurricanes don’t surprise you unless you live in under a rock or are just an idiot.
I do live on the coast, but the Hurricanes we’ve had the last few years have done nothing but make the surf really good.

1-2-3 inning. Nicely done Soriano. If the Yankis don’t tack any on Mo will have a shot at yet another save. He is collecting them fast and furious this season. Having said that, I’d be thrilled with plenty of tack-ons right here.

I recognize 4 names in Tampa Bay’s starting lineup. Do those guys never run out of talent to call up from the minors?
Rivera is on so he can keep up his pace for 90 innings. Geez.

It’s hard to run out of talent when you pick #1 overall for 20 straight years and the teams you are playing against pay your salary for you…it’s amazing they weren’t better sooner.

Yeah Dusty – Tampa has a knack for that. And every big name that left Tampa last year is sucking for the new teams for which they are now playing. Seriously – like 4 or 5 of them.

Hasn’t Mo had a stretch each of the last few seasons where he blew a couple saves in a row? And every year they talk about his imminent demise. God, I hate the media sometimes.

He hasn’t blown two in a row for at least 3 years and I think longer. But yes, he has a stretch every year (and I think fairly early in the year usually like this year) where he struggles a bit.

Another series in the books.
Great game but an even better chat! It’s been fun boys!!!

Mo does it again. Yanks hit a couple HRs, their starter does better than was expected at the start of the year, and Mo nails it down. Story of the young season so far.

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