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Getaway: Rangers-Yanks Gamer

It's an afternoon affair in the Bronx, where balls fly out like they are filming a Ron Jere-

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Took a half-day to come home and watch the game!!!
Come on AJ, break out of the slump bro…BRING IT!!!

ARod goes down on 2 straight pitches…looked like sh-t. Maybe he was out late with Kate??? (since this site has become US Weekly with the Jeter thing)

Another walk for the Rags pitcher, Nipple…1st and 2nd, 2 outs for Flusher. That should do it. K? Pop out?

Walks the bases loaded!!!! Nipple is STRUGGLING!!!! 30 pitches already too…

Cano chokes…surprise, surprise. Oh well, Nipple threw MAD pitches so he won’t last long anyways. 1-0!
Come on AJ! Keep it up!!!

Took the day off to be at the Stadium with my bro today. Couldn’t be a nicer day. Yanks bats are hot and AJ is DEALING. Want to freeze this day and replay it – esp. if the Yanks prevail…

Sounds good kr!
Girardi running on Nippert a lot – love it. He’s already at 65 pitches. Come on Swish!

And AJ has his requisite (as of late anyway) blow-up inning with multiple BBs and a drive. He is a flumoxing pitcher…awesome stuff punctuated by costly bouts of wildness.

Made Nippert throw 99 pitches in 4 innings. With this offense getting into that pen this early in the game, they SHOULD be able to put some serious runs on the board. Keep it close AJ…

ARod dribbles to the pitcher…f-ck.
AJ starts off the 5th with a K. Still looks like he lost his control, again…

2 out walk…hmmm…i wonder what’s going to happen now??? HR??? Double??? 1st and 2nd, no outs, top 6…about to blow the series. Marte up in the bullpen??? GIving up already???

I find it hard to believe that the Yanks will end up with only two runs in this game…

1-2-3 inning…we are a joke. This game is f-cking BORING!!!! We can’t hit, AJ melts down AGAIN, GAME…SET…MATCH!!!! F-CK YOU LOSERS!!!!

Surprised they didn’t send Burnett out for the 7th, since he was only at 105 pitches and was cruising along.

UN-F-CKING-BELIEVABLE…1st and 2nd, no outs, 3 straight outs. This team is garbage. Lost the 1st series at home, start the slide back to the wild card race. 5 games and counting for the Sox. I really started believing that we had a shot this year, not. F-ck you Yankees…bunch of p-ssies.

F-ck stupid baseball anyways…the Fins are on FOX tonight, got a 12 pack, no work tomorrow. Not going to let the SH-T Yankees ruin my day. F-cking losers.

Yeah Ath – RF, front of the terrace near the foul pole.
That last inning hurt – 1dt and 2nd with no outs and A-Rod, Matsui, and Swisher all K. Horrid. My mood is plunging.

If your can really jinx them like that IH, Ath and I will go in together for tickets to the rest of the home games….

2-7. Everyone getting in on the action against the soft, vaginal, as-shole Yankees. I guess they don’t have to try because they are so good, not.

Don’t even sweat it RBF…you guys will be back in 1st place where you belong in a week. We are a joke.

Thanks rbf – I think. I have to check but I’m pretty sure their record is sthg like 2-6 in games I’ve been to this year.

Melky, out. Got somewhere to be assholes???
Can’t even finish before Molina pops out on the first pitch. 1-2-3 inning AGAIN!!!! GREAT JOB YOU F-CKING IDIOTS!!!! Why win a series at home??? I mean, you have such a HUGE lead, why even show up the rest of the year??? You guys are SO good, everyone else will just bow to your greatness. Not. I wouldn’t be surprised if you losers miss the playoffs completely. A f-cking embarrassment to the pinstripes.

It’s bad enough that I can’t decide which team to support in this game. But then I see that you manage two measly runs off a pitcher who gives you 7 walks in fewer than 4 innings?
Jesus. Thanks for the help. You’re just begging us to catch you in the AL East, aren’t you?

I meant from the the last couple weeks when you guys were struggling with men on base, sounded dickish when I read it again…

They just played like shit…again. AJ is f-cking maddening. Looks like a world-beater and then ALWAYS has the sh-t inning. I DO NOT trust him at all for the playoffs. AT ALL!!!
Bats were pathetic too. All around sh-t series. Letting the Sox back in it as expected.

I’ve seen a bunch of good teams the last year choke it away, 8 actually, because they didn’t have the killer instinct…this team is no different. Needed to keep the pedal to the metal, instead? They lose the first series at home, letting all the teams below them make up ground. AJ has been a mess, Hip Hip is hurt, ARod looks like shit again, Flusher is worthless, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc…
It’s my fault. I started to believe. Should have known better.

Speaking of A-Rod, I saw Pete A say he looked like he was running better, in the games I’ve seen, that hasn’t been the case – I wonder if his hip is getting all “late 2008 Lowell” on him.

Damn you, Yankees! Neither being swept to REALLY let the Sox back in the division hunt, nor putting the Rangers in their place. Gah.
Sorry, krueg and IH. I’m sure you both know (even you, krueg, deep in your negatively-reinforced heart) that this team is very good (there’s really no break in your lineup, it’s very disheartening as an opposing fan), and that you have a chance at great things this October.

I meant it more along the lines of the ridiculously high WHIP. For a few minutes there it seemed like he would get out of the inning with only 1 run allowed…
Okay offense, let’s get some runs back. And can we get a good-luck gamer?

Had to expect this one, really. AA promotee and all, it’s a miracle he gave us a couple of good outings to go with his mediocre ones. Get well soon, Daisuke.
I’m still happy to see Penny and Smoltz gone.

F-cking AJ:
“…Burnett, who is 10-8 and hasn’t won since July 27. In six starts since Aug. 1, Burnett is 0-4 with a 6.03 ERA.”
This guy is our #2 starter in the playoffs???? Assuming we make the playoffs…

I think it’s important to break down his last 6 starts:
Aug 01: 4.2 10 7 7 2 4 18
Aug 07: 7.2 1 0 0 6 6 77
Aug 12: 6.0 10 3 3 2 7 45
Aug 17: 8.0 6 3 3 2 5 61
Aug 22: 5.0 9 9 9 2 6 17
Aug 27: 6.0 2 3 3 3 12 65
So that’s three good/great starts, and three awful ones. If you take out the Aug 01 and Aug 22 starts he has a 2.19 ERA. So it’s worth noting that two out of six starts are inflating his numbers.
Burnett was very good yesterday; 2 hits, 12 strikeouts. He just gave up one of those hits at a bad time.
Also, keep in mind that from June 14 to July 27 (8 starts) he went 6-1 with a 1.68 ERA.

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