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Getting Closer

Hiroki Kuroda? Ubaldo Jimenez? B.J. Upton? Someone else we haven't heard as much about?

The Sox and Yankees are both making inquiries, and they have both been tied to just about every available player under the sun. For some reason, I think there will be a major move today, so if there is, comment about it here.

Until then, feel free to discuss the major events from yesterday: the Blue Jays fleecing the Cardinals for Colby Rasmus and the Giants and Mets making a more traditional prospect-for-rental trade involving Carlos Beltran.

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I’ve always been a fan of Rasmus until I heard what LaRussa had to say about him re: not wanting to work with McGwire. He has all the tools to be a really good big leaguer, let’s hope the Jays can get him grounded and focused.
Is Edwin Jackson a bad clubhouse guy? He’s traded just about every season at the deadline. You have to wonder why teams keep moving him. There’s no doubt in my mind though he will finally reach his ceiling with the Cardinals. They have the ability of getting through to pitchers for some odd reason.
As for the Yankees and Sox, I’d agree it seems like there’s something big lurking but how big of a move can the Sox make? Short of trading for Hanley Ramirez I don’t see where they have holes (or holes at all) large enough to make a huge splash. Hunter Pence? He doesn’t scare me. BJ Upton? You can have him. I think the Yankees have many more holes and have the greater ability/need for a big splash move.
More likely though I can see them adding a serviceable guy like Harang (or at least that’s what I hoping for) rather than sell off the farm for an underachieving “ace”…
One name I just keep thinking about over and over is Ichiro…He just doesn’t fit in Seattle’s plans. I wonder if the Yankees would swoop in and steal him. Not that they need him, but I just have this odd feeling like he could be a Yankee.

I think the Yanks are going to make a big move, and I think it’s Ubaldo. I know that Montero’s stock has fallen a bit, but he’s still one of the best prospects in the game, and I think a package with him as the centerpiece can still bring back a lot.
The latest news about Buccholz is not encouraging, so I’d say the Sox are going to go hard for a pitcher too.

The Sox will grab a mid-range pitcher (Harang or Kuroda, imo), and probably not a lot else. Reddick is good enough for the outfield, there’s no need to grab Pence (who is very good) or BJ Upton (who is not).
The Yankees will make a splash; like Nick says, it’ll probably be Ubaldo.

I really don’t think there will be any major move. The Sox are more likely than the Yankees, though.
I’m sitll of the opinion that the only moves the Yanks need to make are to bring up Montero and acquire a good lefty reliever.

Word is the Sox are very interested in Erik Bedard.
When he’s healthy, he’s no worse than a No. 2/3 starter. The key question, of course, is health. The Sox and Yanks apparently will both be scouting his debut tomorrow.

Bedard is a nice pitcher at best a 2/3 on either of these teams, as Paul said. His #’s early on were pretty bad, then he got much better, then he got hurt. I guess depending on the investment it would take to land him he’d be worth the risk. He’s a rental as he’s on a 1 year deal, so the risk is definitely low depending on the cost. He’s a 50/50 split FB to GB this year, so there’s no extremes there. 8.5 K/9 this season…I don’t know, let’s see the asking price first.

Cards fan I know says problem with Rasmus is his dad. The guy is a pain in the ass. How many other parents of big league baseball players bitch at the press about their son’s playing time? I think Mozeliak’s objective was just to unload him.

As far as the rest of the trade talk goes, I’m gonna be Tony Mazz to Felger: I agree with the gist of about everything previously posted.
However, I don’t think either the Sox or the Yanks will overpay for Ubaldo, and I think that’s what the Rox expect.

Day baseball in Fenway today. And then we have Sox-Sox tix at Comiskey on Saturday, and Sox-Yanks tix at Comiskey on Wednesday.

Rasmus’ dad needs to chill out; the Cards have 4 fantastic outfielders all performing well right now (Berkman, Holliday, Jay and Rasmus) and Jay is the one getting the least amount of time.

I don’t know much about Rasmus’ deal with the Cards coaches or his dad, but it sounds like from everything I’m hearing that the Cards basically unloaded him to make LaRussa happy, which if true is a horrible way to run a franchise. They got very little value in return, and LaRussa isn’t likely to be around much longer.
And besides which, I think we all know that Tony LaRussa not liking you doesn’t mean a whole lot.

And Josh Beckett giving up a three-run homer after walking two people really sucks. Especially when Drew Sutton goes on to drop an out for a double, then Beckett gives up hits to drive him home. One lousy inning and the Sox now have to rally late. This would be a crappy way to end up with only a split at home against the Royals.
Thankfully, the Sox apparently have the seventh inning reserved as their personal playground.

One-run games suck. There are so many little things you can point to and say, “If only that hadn’t happened…” I really thought Crawford had won it though. Man.
Sad news about Irabu. Someone else wrote somewhere that they wondered if he’d still be alive today if he had never left Japan.

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