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The Sox game is still ongoing (desultory thread below), but unless something happens in the final three innings, it will merely continue a monthlong trend of offensive futility in clutch situations.

Entering today’s game, the Sox lineup has been pathetic since June 1 in any kind of scoring opportunity:

  • Bases loaded: .148/.133/.185, one extra-base hit, no walks, five double plays, six strikeouts, 11 RBI in 27 at-bats
  • Scoring position: .216/.306/.343, 19 unintentional walks, 51 strikeouts, 13 double plays, 75 RBI in 236 at bats
  • 2 outs/RISP: .217/.328/.383, 12 unintentional walks, 30 strikeouts, 32 RBI in 115 at bats
  • 7th inning and later: .229/.313/.444, 30 unintentional walks, 70 strikeouts, 32 RBI in 279 at bats
  • Tied/up 1/down 1: .243/.325/.409, 54 unintentional walks, 101 strikeouts, 44 RBI in 530 at bats
  • (Tied: .266/.350/.411; Up 1: .217/.314/.323; Down 1: .234/.317/.312)
  • vs. Relievers: .226/.318/.345, 31 unintentional walks, 82 strikeouts, 36 RBI in 310 at bats

For comparison, overall numbers for the Sox:

  • June: .264/.345/.410, 88 unintentional walks, 183 strikeouts, 103 RBI in 893 at bats
  • Season: .273/.355/.435
  • April and May: .277/.359/.447

A snapshot in numbers on why these four weeks have been so frustrating.

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  • So essentially this month has had a lot of bad luck?
    I can live with that.

    Devine June 30, 2007, 10:09 pm
  • Still 11 up after a brutal/frustrating month

    NeffSox June 30, 2007, 10:39 pm
  • That is a way to look at it, Devine, since clutch numbers seem to be based more on luck than anything. But sometimes good and bad luck doesn’t even out until the next season. That’s the scary thought. This year the Sox are .233 with the bases loaded — with nearly as many double plays as walks — 26th in all baseball. The AL average is .300. It’s just not good to be in the same category as the Cubs, White Sox, Dodgers and A’s right now. Those offenses suck.
    On the other hand, their seasonlong RSIP/2 out numbers aren’t too far off from their overall averages. It sure would be nice if this is just some bad luck, and July makes us all happy people again.

    Paul SF June 30, 2007, 10:39 pm
  • At what point do we attribute the lack of offense to the lack of power numbers for Papi/Manny? At their current pace, neither may finish with either 30 hrs or 100 rbis. Oddly, their combined obp is over .400, but thus far they have been hitting more as table-setters rather than as run producers. If Lowell and Youk cool off (as Lowell already is), the offense will be truly horrendous.

    Tom sf July 1, 2007, 1:20 pm
  • I don’t buy the “bad luck” thing, whatever the definition of that might be. I’ve watch a TON of the Sox this season, and most of the last month. They haven’t been unlucky, they’ve been bad. Today is no different, their situational hitting has been atrocious. It’s not luck.

    SF July 1, 2007, 3:24 pm

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