Glory Of Glories!

There’s baseball on the tube! ESPN has your Boston Red Sox facing off against Joe Torre and his Dodgers. The Sox take a 3-0 lead into the third with Wake on the mound as I pen this post. Here’s a place to comment on the game.

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  • Somebody PLEASE send game updates. I subscribe to mlbRadio which is NOT carrying this game. Anyone playing hooky who has the tube on? Please???

    rootbeerfloat March 6, 2008, 2:00 pm
  • 5-0 in the 3rd (watching on MLB.TV), I think Crisp might’ve just got an RBI, but I just tuned in and the image was all weird for a second.

    Anonymous March 6, 2008, 2:09 pm
  • Why is there no thread for us to fawn over Brett Favre?

    I'm Bill McNeal March 6, 2008, 2:12 pm
  • espn is doing it’s first gamecast of the year. according to them, this game is being played in the friendly confines of fenway park. spring training for them as well i guess.

    sf rod March 6, 2008, 2:29 pm
  • > spring training for them as well I guess
    Well, this is the same network that moved the Yankees to the AL central. Yanksfan vs. Tribefan.

    attackgerbil March 6, 2008, 2:45 pm
  • Saw David Ortiz get ahold of one, but it landed just short of the wall in left center. Nice swing though. How I’ve missed it!

    Paul SF March 6, 2008, 3:04 pm
  • Sorry to post this in Sox world but it’s good to see Wang is back…his line today:
    NY Yankees IP H R ER BB SO HR ERA
    Wang 0.2 6 6 6 2 0 0 20.25
    Thank God he has a few more weeks to get it together???

    krueg March 6, 2008, 3:42 pm
  • Tying run to the plate.

    Devine March 6, 2008, 3:53 pm
  • He hits it out on the first pitch! Tied in the top of the 9th. Torre brings the comeback magic.

    Devine March 6, 2008, 3:55 pm
  • krueg, you can always post info about Wang getting rocked, music to my ears…

    LocklandSF March 6, 2008, 3:59 pm
  • Granny! The Dodgers comeback is complete. 9-5.

    Devine March 6, 2008, 4:05 pm
  • OK Lock…Wang is not my favorite Yankee. How can you have a sinker-ball, pitch to contact guy as your #1???? Glad to see he is in postseason form already…haha

    krueg March 6, 2008, 4:09 pm
  • So Lee Gronkiewicz, fave of the projection systems, apparently not so ready for big-league action?

    Paul SF March 6, 2008, 4:19 pm
  • The Red Sox and closer Jonathan Papelbon have agreed to a one-year deal worth $775,000.
    That’s more than closer Bobby Jenks got with a similar amount of service time, as he signed a $550,000 contract. Papelbon was looking for a deal in the range of $900,000, like the one signed by Ryan Howard at the same point in his career. He didn’t quite get that, but he got a significant bump over his $425,550 salary from last season.…agree_to_d.html

    LocklandSF March 6, 2008, 5:04 pm

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