Grade adjustments: Henry: Sorry, not

Grade adjustments: Henry: Sorry, not buying your line here. Yes, he’s working from power, but his financial decisions remain, at best, opaque. Theo: I neglected to bump his grade for the potential Magglio deal, so he goes up in my book. Nomar: The man has a right to say he wants to stay in Boston. But he should have taken that deal. So, yes, points off. Orza: What do I want from Orza? Better pr management. The PA looks like a joke to just about everyone here, including PSchil38. That’s bad. The PA needed to be out spinning this thing from the outset. They did a horrible job. Hicks: If he’s stuck w/ A-Rod he loses. How sad that the League’s best player is its biggest booby prize. A-Rod: Don’t underestimate the massive damage that he could have done to the union by throwing some kind of nasty public challenge. He’s been relatively gentlemanly through this process. He’s no Derek, but, really, who is? Curiously, we’re in pretty wide agreement.

Posted by YF on 12/22/2003 05:05:19 PM

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