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Curtis Granderson has scored 77 runs 83 games into the season.  He is pacing to 150 runs.  Jeff Bagwell (#10 all time) plated 152 runs in 2000.  Ted Williams (#18) came home 150 times in 1949. Everyone else in the top 20 did it in the prolific 20's and 30's.

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Funny, I was going to look up Granderson’s numbers to see where this season places among Yankee centerfield season all-time. I assume not so high because of Mantle and Dimaggio, but it probably cracks Bernie territory.

Frank Thomas deserves a mention here. He had 91 runs in his first 83 games, but had the misfortune of doing that in 1994, which was ended by a strike. Likewise, Kenny Lofton had 80 runs through 83 games that season.
No to take anything away from Granderson, but maintaining that kind of pace is incredibly difficult (as evidenced by how few have actually achieved that mark).
For example, Edgar Martinez had 76 runs in the first 83 games of 1996, but scored just 45 runs in the 79 games following to finish with just 121 runs. Lenny Dykstra had 79 runs through 83 games in 1993 but finished just short with 143.
Likewise, Williams had 81 runs through 83 games and fell off his 158-run pace to finish with 150 runs.
Bagwell, on the other hand, actually had just 75 runs in the Astros’ first 83 games of 2000, a 146-run pace. So he did even better in the second half than he’d done in the first. And if anyone’s going to do it, having the Yankee lineup behind him to drive him home a bunch of times (and give him more times at bat) is certainly going to help.

Hughes is essentially a strikeout pitcher that can’t strike anyone out anymore…horrible. They ruined him a couple years ago when they threw the breaks on him when he was rolling…
And as I’m typing Russell chucks one into LF to score another run…
0-2. Failure.

Hughes threw 30+ pitches, many hard hit balls, many 2 strike counts he couldn’t put away, and 2 runs…I guess only 2 runs is the bright side.
He is done. Atrocious.

I don’t want to start up the “Jeter sucks” argument again, but it’s a real shame that Jeter is starting the ASG ahead of Asdrubal Cabrera or Jhonny Peralta. Both guys are having fantastic years for shortstops. I know it’s a popularity contest, but it’s still disappointing.
And along those lines, I’m still surprised to see Sabathia absent from the team (replace him with David Price, please).

It’s the fan voting and Jeter is the most popular SS. Take it up with Selig. No one thinks he is the best SS right now. The disappointing thing is that the stupid game decides home field.

well for the millionth time, jeter doesn’t “suck”…in fact, we missed the rangeless one’s sure-handedness in some of the games he missed…nunez showed he knows what to do with a bat in his hands, and he mostly likely has a better uzr ;) but captain rangeless makes fewer mistakes…too bad they don’t measure that…oh yeah, they do, errors and fielding percentage, but alas, like rbi, those stats are obsolete…seems it’s more important to get to everything, then boot it, then it is to cleanly make the plays right at you…i do agree with you though that he has no business suiting up for the all star game…
“…Take it up with Selig….”
oy, i’m done ranting about the stupid all star game…it’s a joke…

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