Greetings From Safeco: Yanks-Ms Gamer

Klaus, on the right, has been to 2239 bars in the world, and videotapes each. Ms. Gerbil and our friend Leslie donned moustaches for this pic at Elysian Fields by the park. A cocktail at The Triangle, then off to the game. Comment away!

Greetings From Safeco: Yanks-Ms Gamer

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Joba really hasn’t played well since they started limiting his innings. Wonder if he’s changed his approach knowing that he’s only pitching 3 innings.

Walks in a run…0-3, bases still loaded. wow. does he suck of what? I mean, seriously, what happened to him? I don’t want to see him at all in the playoffs. Ever. Period.

This game keeps going like this, the Sox pick up one between now and. Thursday and next weekend the Yanks could conceivably get caught in the LC with a sweep. Highly unlikely, of course.

lackadaisical |ˌlakəˈdāzikəl|
lacking enthusiasm and determination; carelessly lazy

Ugly day. Yanks not exactly steamrolling through the finish line here. At least they’ve got an easy 6 games ahead of them…

Everything we feared is coming true. No passion or fire, pitching has been suspect, other teams around us are on fire…f-ck.
I’m starting to feel sick to my stomach…losing 4 of 6 to the O’s and Mariners??? Really??? And now 6 games against the Angels and Sox??? We could be in the Wild Card spot by next Monday. Super f-ck.

k –
Yanks could go .500 for the rest of the season and the Sox would have to go 15-1.
It ain’t happening.

Sox would have to sweep the series this weekend in addition to having a pile of luck elsewhere. They have not swept a 3-game set in the Bronx since 2004.
You have nothing to worry about, krueg.
Besides, the Sox have thrown up a division white flag with the six-man rotation they’re fielding, and they’re going to do the rational thing and rest up as necessary.

I beg to differ. If the Sox sweep the upcoming series they wouldn’t need a ton of other luck. In fact, they will need a ton of luck only if they DON’T sweep the series. A sweep is the only chance to make it a possibility, to take pure luck out of the equation as much as possible.
Still this probably ain’t happening, ever.

Well, the games against KC and TB are pretty much gimme’s so as much as I’d love to see it happen, I’m not holding my breath. The Yanks would have to get swept by the Angels and Sox and the Sox would have to play the next two weeks like they’ve played the last one. Sweet to think on but reality keeps crashing in.

I’m also afraid if it happened, Krueg’s head would explode – right here. In the middle of a game thread.

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