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Gross. And Crap.

From The Times:

“Chamberlain, who had been rehabbing from elbow surgery, was playing with his kindergarten-age son at a children’s play facility in Tampa and sustained an open dislocation of his right ankle, with the bone protruding through the skin.”

Tramapolines. Damn trambopolines.

Update.. Krueg beat me to the post.. here’s the link he posted to the story at ESPN. Frankly, there is no positive side to this story.

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Huge bummer man. The kid worked so hard to get back and then this freak accident. I feel really really bad for Joba. Always loved that dude.
CSN is getting roughed up a little by the Twinkies. Gave up 2 runs but got out of it. Looked strong until he started leaving his FB up. It’s hard to study while the Yankees are on!!!!
I’m taking my PMP exam (project management professional) exam on Monday. It’s a huge deal for my career so wish me luck?

Well that’s about as heinous as an injury can sound. He seemed to be gearing up to a good mid-season re-emergence, No idea what kind of timetable this puts him on. Just horrible.

Up and down times for Joba. It’s ok, he’ll bounce back. Or, at the least, he’ll use this to contemplate the spring and maybe his rubber arm will end up serving him well.
In any case, this injury is sure to reverberate.

Let me be the first to say Welcome Back SF!!!! Missed you. As for your comment, from the sounds of this injury I would not be shocked if it ended his career. I’m not a doctor and even if I were it’s not like I’m there to examine the guy, but it simply wouldn’t shock me if his career were over, in which I case I truly would feel very sorry for the guy.

I was just being silly. Hopefully he recovers, for sure.
Good to be back – It’s been a while. Life interrupted, big time. In a good way, but it has made posting around here very, very difficult. Hope I can be back more often, but a new, significant teaching position has been the culprit, that on top of running my own business. Two jobs, and a family. Yikes!

The more I read about it…WHAT THE FUCK was he doing on a trampoline??? Those things are terrifying. Not saying he deserved it, but man, if I were a pro athlete I would not be going anywhere near those death traps…

Paxton Crawford.
OK, I’m gonna piss off a few people here.
I don’t understand why some of you NYY fans aren’t saying good riddance to Joba.
Yes, the dude has a ton of potential. But how often has he really lived up to the potential. Million dollar arm, 10 cent head.
That said, I do feel bad for him. He came from a bad home and had a chance to better himself. He still has the ability to do that. And some Nebraska alum somewhere will give him a good job doing something that seems like it’s actually something.
But I think it’s time for this relationship to end.

Red Sox stories missed this week:
Mel Parnell, the Red Sox all-time winningest lefty, died.
Bobby Jenks returned to being Bobby Jenks.
Bobby Valentine returns to being Bobby (I’m smarter than you) Valentine.

Thanks boys.
Not sure why we love who we love IBM…he was fun when he first came up and was dominant. Maybe the opposite of the “stuffy” team we had been the few years leading up to ’07. Now we’re not as corporate with players like CC and Swish.

Heh, too busy when the Sox have missed the playoffs two years in a row. Too busy when an epic collapse was fueled by beer and fried chicken. Too busy when the Sox hired a clown to manage them.
Funny how you and Paul both stopped posting at the same time.
How’s the knitting hobby?
Thank god the Yankees are back to their rightful place. And kreug will be the only one posting here all season long.

You mean like how SFs said good riddance to Boggs, Pedro, Damon, Manny, Papsmear, etc. At least they made improvements with all of those choices – the immortals in Scott Cooper, Matt Clement, Coco Crisp, Jason Bay, and now Homer Bailey. Good times!
We arent like you.

By the way typical SF. He desserts this places because his team is back to losing then his first comment back is to make light of a guy’s career threatening injury.
Just cause you teach a class doesnt mean you have any.
Remember when Paul SF got so upset when i was Paul YF. Good times!

Good outing for Pineda. 5 innings, 1 run, 5 hits and a few K’s. Low 80’s in pitch count.
Everyone needs to relax about this kid. He’s solid.

No bone infection = not career ending as far as I understand, and Joba seems to be out of those most dangerous woods as of his release from the hospital this past weekend. Hopefully that’s not a premature judgment.
Re: your point IBM, separating out Joba’s histrionics which – love them or hate them – are irrelevant to his performance, he is not a guy who I grew to despise or dread performance-wise (like, for instance, Kyle Fansworth), which is why I want him around at least a little longer. He came up in a whirlwind and was extraordinary until the fateful night in Cleveland when Torre screwed up royally. Joba has since been up and down, but I don’t blame him for the arm injury requiring TJ surgery and as disappointed as I am by this latest setback, I have a soft spot for guys playing with their kids. That and the horrendous nature of the injury make me less harsh in judging him then perhaps you’d expect. I’m much more annoyed at him for the DUI charge. That’s just plain stupid and only moreso for being a father IMHO.
But for me it all comes down to performance on the field and I think he still can be a dominant bullpen arm. I’d like to see an extended injury-free period when that is clearly his mandate (rather than the starter/reliever yo-yo) before feeling like he should be cut loose.

Yeahhh boyeeeeee. Way to go, krueg!
I just got into grad school like a week ago myself (Master’s program for library and information science). Super-awesome.

Thanks guys!
Good job D!!! Congrats to you brother!
We are some intelligent, driven dudes on this site. Despite my childish /boorish posts!!! ;)

Congrats krueg and Devine! Awesome news! One of the my bestest buddies just finished up a masters for library and information science at LIU in the city. Not sure if that’s the program you’re doing, D, but it sounded pretty interesting.

Congratulations you two! That’s great. You’re hired krueg! And just in time for the start of baseball season.
I’m so excited I’m jumping up and down – Aaarrghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank ‘ee, boys!
Nick, it’s University of Washington. I wanted to get into the residential program (two years), but ended up scooting into the online one (three years). My grades were really sh*tty in college, even if the college was good, so it’s understandable they shuffled me into my second choice. At least I’ll have fewer loans in the end since I’ll be holding down a job at the same time.
I moved to the Seattle area in fall of…wow, ’08. It’s been a while.

I’m not even sure how to address the dumbness of your attacks, Paul. It’s sad that you cannot seem to handle a little criticism leveled toward the Yankees. It certainly didn’t warrant the snotty reply. You might as well call me a slut and a prostitute.

Yeah, why joke about Joba’s injury? That’s seems especially dickish.
In other news, hope really does spring eternal:
It’s like the Fox News bubble. A 20 point swing for MA, ME, and NH. Let’s call it “The NESN Fog”. Crawford is in great shape! Iglesias is a vacuum!
Booby V is gonna make this fun! The same press that will play along when they’re winning will rip him to shreds. Ask Tito.

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