Jeez, the Sox come to town for a quick series, and the worst comes out in the usual suspects.

First, here, Chass writes absolute, indefensible garbage. An unattributed emailer is his litmus test for all Sox fans? Spend some time at SoSH, Murray, and you’d realize you couldn’t be further off. In the end, all Chass can say is “it’s because they are the Red Sox”, which is maybe a second-grade level piece of analysis. Time for you to go, Murray: there are bad blogs out there that have more insight than you ;)

The absolute best (or worst) part of his column is this little gem:

And when these three games are concluded, and the season progresses through the summer toward fall, the odds are Red Sox fans will start paying close attention to the wild-card standing, an option even the e-mailer doesn’t dismiss. “All that matters is making the playoffs,” he wrote, where the Red Sox “will get the opportunity to settle all this directly.”

But the Red Sox had that opportunity last year. Game 7 of the A.L. Championship Series, eighth inning, one out, 5-2 lead, and they still couldn’t beat the Yankees.

Nice one, Murray! What an intelligent piece of insight! Why didn’t you just print, in 100pt font, “FUCK YOU, SOX FANS! I HAVE NOTHING OF USE TO ADD EXCEPT TIRED INSULTS!”?

And Bill Finley, in a front page Times sports section story, takes all of two sentences to work in “1918”. Real original, Bill. Go back to J-School.

Lastly, and this isn’t journalistic criticism, but read Jack Curry and wonder: is George psychotic or what? “That’s what this country was built on”? HUH?!??!?!

I will link to some far better, far more informative Boston-based stories in a little while. This New York stuff is flat-out bad.

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