Hammel Time? Yanks-O’s Gamer I

Ivan Nova and the Bombers head to Camden to play Jason Hammel and the Orioles.  Hammel and Nova each have 4-1 records and though Hammel's 983 whip is sporty to ponder, he is coming off a missed start due to a sore leg while Nova had his best start of the year against the Rays his last time out.

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Cano just made a SICK stop up the middle and threw it on the run for the 3rd out…very nice.
3-5 after 5.
4 more innings.

Leadoff single…
At least he’s hitting I guess, even though he isn’t hitting it out or driving in runs anymore…sigh.

Chavez bloops a single…
Then Muscle gets hit on the foot and Buck cries about it…
CLEARLY hit his foot.
1st and 2nd with no outs for JETER…

Jeter safe by a fucking mile…called out.
Fucking horseshit.
3rd with 2 outs…
Perceived makeup call, even though Muscle got hit.

The real positive is that if this team ever starts hitting with RISP, we are going to destroy everyone.
The men LOB this year to date, as well as last year, is in the millions.

Great game. Battled and the big guns came through.
Love it.

Good game last night. The O’s are definitely playing tougher than they have in years. Used to be able to count on them to roll over at a certain point. Confused about what happened to Nova. He twisted his ankle fielding a high chopper but he also has a bruise apparently from getting hit with a ball according to Girardi. I didn’t catch the latter as i FF’d through the DVR’ed game last night. It’s nice they have Soriano to close if they need it but getting to him is getting very iffy. How many times can you rely on Clay Rapada?? Logan has actually been excellent, but they’re going to need some fresh arms at this rate, especially if Robertson is out for more than another day or two.

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