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Happy Father’s Day

Mets@Yankees on TBS now, Dodgers@Sox tonight. Enjoy your day, Dads.

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thanks gerb…happy father’s day to you and all the other papa’s out there…and thanks also for the tip about the game being on tbs…i’m at my daughter’s today, and while she is taking good care of daddy, i didn’t think i’d see the game…did just miss the grand slam, but you can’t have everything…

AJ could be the worst fucking pitcher in the history of baseball. What an overrated piece of garbage.
2 outs…and then 6 straight hits including 3 HR’s. 0-5 in the 1st and still going…
What a feeble minded fucking vagina AJ is…fucking redneck headcase loser.

The difference is that Wake is a gimmick…a knuckleballer. AJ has the ability to be one of the best pitchers in baseball but his retarded Southern mind for whatever reason won’t allow him to step up and live up to his potential. Not to say he can’t turn it around but it seems that staying healthy is no longer his problem, now it’s GETTING PEOPLE OUT. Don’t even get me started again on his sorry-ass…

Whoa. Slow down, Krueg.
As much as I don’t like to even mention Tim Wakefield, a “gimmick” he is not. He throws a pitch, albeit a less common knuckleballer, but he’s been very, very successful for several years doing that. His knuckleball is no different than a good fastball, slider, or aghast, a cutter.
Would you call Mariano a gimmick after years of getting guys out on one pitch?
Not trying to be argumenative, but a gimmick doesn’t work for a 15 year major league career – it’s just an effective pitch – nothing more or less.
Also, it might be about time to stop calling AJ Burnett one of the most talented pitchers in baseball. He’s had years to put it together and live up to that hype (just as Josh Beckett has), and he fails to do so every single time. Yes, he’s had good years, but he’s never approached being the most talented in the game. There is a warehouse full of guys that have great stuff, and fall on their faces. Yes, he’s talented, but no, he’s not one of the best pitchers (potential or results) in baseball.
As much as I don’t agree with the stats above, the fact is, they’re true and undisputable. Of course, we could all cherry pick stats one way or the other (as we’ve learned over and over and over), but in the end, Tim Wakefield has been every bit as productive as AJ Burnett for years now. Except, you know, that walk year.

Also, I liken that diatribe to something along the lines of: I can make fun of my friend with 7 toes, but you certainly cannot. haha.

you have a friend with 7 toes?…i knew a girl that had 4 nipples…
count me in the group that thinks aj is an overrated pos…i’m so sick of him, i actually prefer to watch gaudin pitch…and it looks like aj and javy have traded places…

And no, I don’t actually know anyone with 7 toes, but I was trying to think of a reason I would really make fun of a friend, and for some reason, a bunch of extra nuggets came to mind.

I watched Wake pitch as a kid in Buffalo when he was on the Bisons and he has had a nice career but come on Brad…the only reason he has stuck around this long is because he is the ultimate clean-up guy that can throw a million pitches. Not comparable in terms of “stuff” to AJ.
“Very, very successful…” is a stretch. He has had a LONG career, wouldn’t call it great.
191-167, 4.36 ERA over an 18 year career is solid, but again it’s a testament to throwing lightly and being able to pitch forever. Now granted, it takes obvious talent to do that but I don’t know if anyone outside of New England thinks Wake is great?
You sidetracked me, this isn’t about how good or bad Wake is, he is what he is, it’s about how good AJ COULD be if he weren’t such a (insert krueg-sh insult here)!!!

Okay, fair enough, but if we’re going to call a duck a duck, let’s focus on the man at hand. As much as I disagree with you, pitching 15 years in the American Leauge East, especially the last five, is commendable in my eyes. Who was the last starting pitcher the Yankees, or any team, had last ten years in this division?
Give him his credit, just as I do Mariano: They both throw a pitch guys can’t hit, and it works for them. Period.
But, back to AJ:
He’s pitched 11 years in the MLB. He has surpassed 210IP one time in that time (his walk year to NY. He has a average AL ERA of close to 4.2, which isn’t stellar, but notice how little you think of Wake’s 4.36? He has an AL IP average of around 150 – care to venture how many the “mop up guy” averages in that time?
Hes had right around a hit per inning, with a WHIP of around 1.4 in his AL time.
Taking everything into account, isn’t it just about time to say “he is what he is” as well, or is this guy going to get the Kyle Farnsworth treatment his whole career. People screaming “he throws so hard” or “he has so much talent” or any number of other things is getting old. Maybe the guys is just what he is: average, and especially so within the confines of this division.
Also, I hate Tim Wakefield, and would be the last guy ever to say he was great, but he is beyond respectable with what he has accomplished in this division, man.

Those IP averages actually accidentally include this year, so far, so that number should go up this year. Not to 180, but up nonetheless.

“I watched Wake pitch as a kid in Buffalo when he was on the Bisons and he has had a nice career…”
Holy shit, you’re old! Did you witness the invention of dirt as well?

You are probably right Brad, AJ just sucks ass…
Nick, I would venture to guess I am one of the younger, or at least middle, people on here! I’m 35 and watched Wake in the late 80’s when I was in middle school…

Eh, that’s not what I’m saying, Krueg.
I actually think AJ is just like Beckett – a guy who, when he puts it together, is unhittable. But, when he is hittable, he’s really just that.
The only difference is that I think Beckett is more mentally stable than Burnett, which leads to more good starts than bad, and not back and forth and back and forth.

That’s what I’M saying…he is weak mentally and it doesn’t matter how good your stuff is, if you can’t battle, you aren’t going to win. We’ll see I guess?
Francesa is going off on AJ and Chan Ho Suck…awesome.

Sorry to kick off the argument guys!
My thoughts on it: Burnett has better stuff overall, but he has been unable to be very good with that stuff. He’s the 14 year old with an IQ of 150 who can’t seem to get above C’s, for whatever reason. I’m on the side that probably agrees that Wakefield’s stuff is a “gimmick”, but I don’t necessarily mean that in a bad way since he’s been successful with it. Like Brad said, 15 seasons in the toughest division in baseball with an ERA+ of 110 is pretty respectable for anyone, let alone someone who doesn’t top 70mph on the gun. And let’s not forget the recent Red Sox landmarks he’s passed.
And on top of all that he’s one of the nicest guys in baseball, someone who is always willing to put his team first and goes out of his way to help the community, and not just when the cameras are flashing. He has always been an enormous bargain at 4mil per year, and could easily get more on the open market but doesn’t want to; he’s happy where he is making what he’s making, and wants to keep playing baseball.
Guys like that are few and far between. Is he the most fun to watch play? Absolutely not. But he’s one hell of a person to have on your team.

i’m late with this, but oh well…that was well said ath…exactly how i feel about wake…yeah, i’m a yankee fan, but he is one of my favorite players…the knuckleball is an oddity, especially in today’s game, where such a premium has been placed on speed and “stuff”…probably more is expected from burnett because he supposedly has the “stuff”, at least that’s what the “stuff” gurus tell us…burnett has been a colossal disappointment at times with the yankees due to his inconsistency…not unlike wakefield who at times has been as hittable as the guy that throws bp…but you could say that about most pitchers…both pitchers are pretty average i’d say, and that’s not so bad on our pitching staffs…neither should ever have been expected to be an ace…

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