Happy Thanksgiving [Belated]

We have a lot to be thankful for here at YFSF. For Yankee fans, certainly, 2009 was one for the books: the year our franchise launched a new home, seemed to reinvent itself on and off the field, and took home the World Series. Huzzah. Sox fans, however disappointing a season it may have been in the end, still saw some wonderful baseball, made the playoffs, and can rest knowing their management has the intellectual and financial tools—if not the personnel!—to put a contender out next year.

But we have more to be grateful for here. There's you, for a start, members of the ever-loyal YFSF community. Thank you for sticking with us through another tumultuous year. Let me also extend a big thanks to my co-moderators. 

Finally, it being Black Friday I'd be remiss not to suggest a pair of books by the founders of this site. Perfect stocking stuffers, we think

9781568987811  Cover
—On the left, Think/Make, the new monograph on the inventive architectural firm of which SF is a principal. 
—On the right, Master of Shadows, the story of Rubens's secret career as a spy and diplomat, by yours truly.

A most happy holidays from everyone here, to everyone out there.

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Master of Shadows is a fantastic book. I highly recommend it. I love art and it gave a whole new angle to a great artist. I just want to know when’s the movie coming out? And who plays Rubens?

I am impressed. If I understood architecture (and to maintain solidarity with SF :) ), I’d buy both books. But having dabbled in art, Rubens being the first artist I noticed growing up, and a lover of books, just bought “Master of Shadows”.

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