Healthier, Wealthier, Wiser?

Last night Bruce Bochy chose to intentionally walk Manny with men on first and second to face Nomar. Nomar doubled, driving in two and put the Bosox up by 4. All of a sudden, the Sox seem a hell of a lot deeper, and that’s with just one guy back off the DL.

Watching the game last night, the lineup was so much more solid in many ways, there are numerous positive effects: the bench gets deeper, the opposing pitchers have more to think about, Francona’s job gets a little less confusing. Two things to worry about, however. The first is to guard against the pitchers getting complacent, thinking the runs will simply come in droves. Schilling left no doubt about his mindset, rock-solid again. The second is injury recurrence, though that’s in the stars and if it happens, it happens.

Next up: straighten out Lowe. Or, rather, un-straighten Lowe, if you get my drift.

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