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Help Wanted – Qualification: An Arm

Just as the Yankees were looking to fill out their bullpen and starting rotation via the Reclamation-of-Formerly-Highly-Touted-Supposed-Aces-for-the-Cubs strategy (Kerry Wood, Mark Prior, Carlos Zambrano) comes this news.  Oh well.  As has been pointed out elsewhere on this site, middle relievers and set-up men tend not to replicate high levels of performance year in and year out.  Though I must admit that I was hoping to see Wood return.  Well Cashman, there's one more hole to fill.  Get on it man!

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I think next up is Bobby Jenks.
I also read this morning that Aardsma is available as well and I can’t imagine the asking price is too high.
I am not overly concerned with the bullpen. If the Yankees are lucky enough to be in the playoff hunt in 2011 teams are always looking to dump bullpen salary at the trade deadline once they realize maybe we shouldn’t have given ______ a 3 year out the wazooo type deal. That’s the worst case scenario.
I am farrrrrrr more concerned with the rotation and a RH bat/4th OF/platoon OF.

It’s a very good move for NY, John. He is a very good situational pitcher (well, has been). Against the three or four best hitters in Boston’s lineup (and let’s be serious, that’s why they would even consider it), he will be a huge addition/tool to have in the pen.

Yeah I keep hearing the same thing how great he is vs lefties, how he’s an experienced veteran, battle tested, etc…I just hope it’s for one year, max two. Once this gets done can they please focus on Bobby Jenks!

Seems like NY would load up on lefties. They already have Jenks in Joba, so why sign another overweight (not flame throwing) hard throwing righty with control issues sometimes?

Absolutely! They would have 2 lefties in the bullpen if they signed Feliciano. Jenks is good, not great but good, solid. Look at his 2010 #’s, they are very similar to Papelbons (fewer walks per/9, more K’s per/9, significantly lower ERA). Jenks is much better than Joba. The only similarity is that they are both stocky and throw hard.

I like Jenks only because we look similar in body makeup…so EASY brad! ;)
I’m still waiting for the crazy, our of LF trade no one sees coming from Cash…
Why not Soriano? A lot of people have been talking about him…

Krueg, I am fairly certain Soriano would command a higher salary and a longer deal. Plus I think he might be tied to a draft pick. With Jenks he’d cost only the contract, no comp pick for him.

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