Here Comes that Bus, Pedro!

Here we go.  MSNBC, that goldmine of sports rumors, reports that the Yankees are about to offer Pedro 4 years and $50M bucks.  If that’s true, then I don’t see how the Sox match that offer, in any universe.  And let’s be clear – this isn’t throwing Pedro under an oncoming bus.  It’s Pedro jumping on the bus himself.

Again, if the Sox could get, hypothetically, a rising Pavano and an in-his-prime Hudson for a combined $15M + prospects, why would they pay 80%+ of that to just one Petey, and for four years at that?

It ought to be an interesting two or three weeks, just like last Turkey Day.

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  • Agreed. The only scary part is that the phrase “a rising Pavano” is the most hypothetical part of your hypothetical. Maybe now that Alyssa is out of his life…

    MJL (SF) November 24, 2004, 12:24 pm

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